Where could he be?

Where could he be?

"He must have on line by now. I am waiting for him for an hour. Where could he be? He might have some bad connection. Damn internet………..! I am missing him so much………..why?
We have met just for few hours if counts in total. There must have been some connection……..some unseen connection between us. He used to come online exact at 2200 hours……..very punctilious……this always surprised me, but now, something might have happened to him.
But why I am missing him…………….Oh! I must have fallen in love with him! Oh my God! What have I done? How could I look for him in the air!!!!!"

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  • It is not good to be dependent on internet emotionally, that girl is better to forget her internet friend.

  • ive got lot of things to say as im one of those who is in this kind of relationship for 2years but i cant spill it out...hehehe...nice one mishaikh.


    Thanks Fatma for your comments, but it happens rarely.

  • I think the love by the internet is increased and some of it is really converted to marriage because that two person are great In their love without even seen .
    Good lack for any honest love.
  • Bish, very interesting.  I like your comments.

  • Internet relationship is the great relationship. It means two heart meet in one point. This kind of relation is far from any fear,any shy, any selfishness and without physical attraction, Waw great connection !!.This world is one like a Global village.

    I am waiting for him for an hour.I thinking about him I imagine...I worry...where could he be ? some unseen connection makes me worried. I missing him. I feel everywhere he is ...he is far from me but I think he is always with me. oho I must have fallen in love with him....oho no what happen with me....Its good....Its terrible...Its happy.....Its sad...What kind of relations ....what have I done.....

  • Thank you Bhiga, hope you will also like my other blogs.

  • In the Internet If they love each other Its very wonderful, Imaginative and emotional relation. But in real it is not so. Everybody want to their partner is to be nice and good. may be it is possible but there is not real life only in dream.Anyway your blog is very good and  touchable for me. 

  • Hello Anele, Hello Nawa,
    Thanks for your comments.
    I once commented on the blog I referred that INTERNET RELATIONSHIP SOMETIMES CREATE CONFUSION.
    So, this virtuality is all confusing.

  • Cup Cake
    People claim to have fallen in love just like that, without realising the reality. They even do not know about themselves, about their emotions, may be this is because of the surge of emotion and feelings. It, ofcourse takes time to understand the seriousness of the SACRED ASPECT OF LIFE ...............'LOVE', but it is rarely happens.

    This is my opion and can be argued.

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