Now it is 1.30 am at your place,

Your face must be on your pillow, your thick hair must be piled up on the right side,

because you always sleep with your face down to the left, your hands always getting hold of, what is it you are looking for under the pillow?

I want to steal your time, sequester your attention, solely so I can get twisted into the fold of the sheets where your body is lying.

It has been three years .....28 months multiplied by 24 multiplied by 60 multiplied 60 multiplied 60 and I bet you the result will approximately 4.354.560.000

That's the number of millisecond since the first time I fell in love with you, the number could be more fantastic if you count it in nano scale, just check it if you don't trust me :-)))

and I dare to guarantee you are still there in every second and again and again....and again

But please understand me, this story  is not intended to seduce you. Honesty is like an over color makeup, unimaginable to add it again with seduction. Those billions number was a mathematics fact. empirical, who says that love can not be logic. love can be extended dimensional figures and flavors at once....hmmmmmm new perspective huh???


Now 2.30 am at your place,

time flies, Ive been here for an hour and still feel like I just came in, an hour will credit 216.000 millisecond on my time account, thank you I become richer,

I wish I could add Rupiah or Dollar or euro behind those numbers, but you are priceless, you are everything ...

I never  know who is in your bed, I've never been there, maybe only pillows and bolsters, sometimes inanimate object get what we want most and we are not able to compete with it.

I envy your pajamas, your towel, and your bolster.....enough...stop I cant continue imagine it, how do we feel being hug without pretension? that's heaven....and people has to give a huge effort to get it, life is like a journey around the Sinai desert, we are not allowed to walk straight and easy to get the promising land.

Now give me permission to get sleep, to catch you up to an abstract world where everything can be met, be sure you are there don't wake up bacause of nightmare, wait for me....

there are so much things I wanna talk about, we can do everything right? but if I could choose, I will choose one thing: I want to have a dream,sleep beside you and my hand under the pillow where your hands always getting hold off...because nothing is more wonderful than love of a couple in the morning, with oily face, smell of their sweat, bed breath, messy hair and awful face..they still dare to say "good morning love" to each other...........

this story come from undeeply observation about virtual world,many interviews with the vampire and this is the weakest conclusion That I got, enjoy it, I have no bad intention only fun conclusion, please don't get offended ......Peace on earth!!!!!!

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  • Nice writing Ratu, thanks for sharing.
  • Love can be extended in dimension and degrees....

    Times fly (or time flies)

  • Estanis,I'm glad to take you to get in to my dimension, bring you a joyfl feeling, believe me everytime I did it I fell my life is a gift in all aspect.
    Hahahaha, I won't dare to lie esta, writing is a great pleasure for me and again I fell grateful I found EC which gave me a space to write and people who always giving support and appreciation...
    I feel so lucky......thanks
  • Dear Elen, yes I am myself can feel it, thanks to you who always giving me your appreciation,....
  • Asif, I really thank you for your nice support, learning....learning and learning, May be will lead me to somewhere....
  • Ufff... You have the gift to take me directly to your writings while reading. C'mon! Do not lie us, You're a professional, aren't you?
    Btw, remember us when you'll get a famous writer, O.K.? ;)
  • Oh my God Ratu! It's getting better and better! You getting better! Actually the word better is too little to describe this master piece! You must do something dear! Seriously!

  • Hi Ratu- I am impressed every day that passes and I read your blog. I feel you are more closer to poetry than the prose. I can see a great writer in you. Keep it up. Dont get confused on sentences at the moment. Just write and then re-write them and re-write, it will come out  well

  • Areality,

    I love writing, thats why I tried harder to be able to write in a right way, I will learn more , publisha book...oh im still far from it , but I hope someday


    btw thanks for your suggstion

  • Dear Anah, thanks

    I'm happy to share this to you, and I'm sure I am with you and feel  the joy...cherish the love

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