When to say "I love you."

It has been said that love is blind. For me, love is not blind, but we sometimes become blind when fall in love. We usually have been hearing lots of stories of true love. In some story we got the parents in a position of villain in others, we got the society as obstacles. We always want that the love will win the battle and uphold its dignity. But did love always deserve win? Aren’t we experiencing lots of cases where a true love (which seems true) becomes a burden after marriage? Does it really need to tell your parents goodbye or break a lifelong family bonding only for a person?

 I obey true love and I obey my parents even more and respect what they do for me. Everybody among us might agree with me that we have the most trusted relationship with our parents. We can’t ignore them just for an ignition of love which might be a long lasting one or might end after a few years.

I do not ask anybody keep themselves away from love, but think twice before say yes to your intended counterpart. I must suggest becoming friendlier, but being careful to chose a soul mate. In an age what we called teenage we generally remain more emotional. At this time we do not have enough tolerance to assess. In this age limit, most of the cases we experience where love do not sustain for long time, what I call an attraction for opposite gender rather than love. For me love is what which deserves more respect than physical attraction. So take it as an advice “First know well, and then say yes.”

Note: I will appreciate any advice which will help me to improve my writing skill.


Md. Shariar Siddiqui

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  • Superb blog with very good advice.What you said is exactly correct, Attraction to opposite gender rather than love and also first know them well and then say yes.Very informative blog to specially teenagers.
  • I totally agree with this blog. There is no clear line between attraction and true love and for these two confusing things people lose their dignity and morality. One must not be blind if come across such situation. Elder's advises should be heard with a cool mind so that one would not be ashamed of his decision afterwords.

  • Misha is correct, we should try to maintain a balance. Actually balance is needed in everything. But, yes, we should be careful to choose our soulmates.

  • Our parents almost always want the best for us, but what would you say to those young kids who are forced to get married to someone they have no interest at all? So in my opinion young people should use their parents experiences and as you said after considering all aspects decide what is best for them. I wonder if it is possible for those who fall head over hills in love.
  • Yes, you might say its a personal experience, but definitely not a bed experience, I swear.@Mishaikh 

  • Is it self experience or just observation? Any way I agree with your advice. Actually we need to keep balance in our relationship in a way that to party feel being deprived or secluded.

    Good writing. Keep it up.

  • Sari duniya piar manta Md Shariar Siddiqui. Ami jani na qu? Lakin mujh par vishvash karo, We need love Shariar by. Some crimes are committed because of it. I love Allah.

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