When I killed her

Since science and technology has progressed, it has become very easy to kill a person. I too wanted to kill a person who used to fight me for domination and thus foster her ego. She always wanted to go ahead of me in the fight of ego. Then I did not want to stay behind in this unique district and always wanted to prove that I was not even less than anyone. 

One day she crossed all the limits. She had a conspiracy against me that she would disrespect me in the face of everyone in the party and   deal with me in such a way that she all hated me very much. She had realized that  we both could not walk ahead side by side any more. Probably he did not know that I had even thought of something and what was that I would kill her that day.
That day we both had to come together in the party where I decided to kill her. I took my weapon with myself and hid it behind my back. In that party when we both appeared in front of each other, she did what she had planned. She spoke so loudly, "I hate you". I, at once, held my weapon tightly and targeted at her face by kneeling down saying in soft tone, "I love you. When she looked at the weapon I held and look into my eyes, full of tears. She took my weapon which was a beautiful rose and wiped out my tear. After a short pause, she screamed and fainted saying I love you too. When she came to consciousness, I found her a different lady.  I was sure I killed her (ego).  
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  • Hi, Persona, I've enjoyed reading your story. Nice hook at the beginning and a surprising twist in the end. I liked that. BUT... relating to the topic love... I don't think any of this is reflecting love. 

    Greetings! :)


  • all you need is love

    • All I need is love but more I need is my lover ha ha. The song is very classical, isn't it? :) 

  • Oh, youth! There’s nothing like a good delusion ))) Love doesn't hurt )))

    I enjoyed reading it, Persona))

    Thanks for sharing )

    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
    • Your enjoyment on reading my blog gives me inner satisfection. Truly love doesn't hurt, but the beloved does so much  :D  

      Thank for comment

    • Hey persona what are you saying the beloved hurt so.much but when did I hurt you, huh? Lol 

      You showed a beautiful example of a good attitude by a lover who sacrificed his ego for love thump up

    • Ha ha ha no no you never hurt me. I jus said it for an instance:). It's my pleasure to see your beautiful comments on my humble blog. Thank you so much for your nice thoughts. Love from here :D 

  • Thank you mishaikh and rose Iris for your valuable inputs 

  • Bildergebnis für love is my weapon quotes

  • There is no weapon better than a rose and the words "I love you" to overcome all tyrant egos.


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