I am not talking about the measurements and criterion of beauty , which , will surely differe from race to race . Instead I want to dive deep into the symbolsim of beauty . They way people describe beauty when language fail to give them words , is through giving a symbol . There are some handful known and repeated symbols . For instance , a rose , a flower , a sun , a moon , a star ...... etc . However , we must precive these symbols in relation to its background and know very well that they don't indicate the superficial measurement of beauty . They go beyond what your eyes meet . They show feminism and motherhood characteristics and speak about fertility especially in ancient civilization . A thing only a woman can give to assure the perennial cycle of life . For my people a woman is a plamtree a very tall one everyone wish to reach its date . Another symbols is the " Kathi " or " kadi " plant , that grows in the Tahmah plains . This plant with its special fragrance stands as a widely used term for beauty . It's there in many poems and traditional songs , where , a beautiful woman is a a leave of kadi . A white delicate leave sending it smell everywhere .
" you are a kadi,
Growing in between shades and lights
Oh pretty woman never carry a burden of worries
As long as you are living "
" They are the shining swords ,
Men announce their vows upon
They are the leaves of Kadi ,
Drops of dew fall upon "

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  •    Thanks for telling me Batuuu  :) and happy eid

  • it is not as beautiful as your blog as to your 40 ages but it is still enjoyable to read. Apart from that , there are some petty grammatical mistakes 

  •   It's true Fizzy :)

  • beauty is always within..)

  •   Thanks Mishaikh  for sharing the symbolsim of beauty from your own culture  . I wish if you can show us more of it in your comming blogs especially these different and unique way of description  . Happy Eid  my dear friend  :) 

  • Our poetry (Urdu) is full of symbolism of beauty with flowers (especially rose) and moon.  I myself have number of time used this symbolism in my blogs of romance and love. Here I quote a famous two lines of a very famous poet:

    Translation from Urdu:

    How can I describe the delcacy of her lips

    They are just like the petals of rose.


    Facial beauty is represented by full moon, and the black hair of the beloved is symbolised with the dark night or dark clouds, and the combination of the face and hair are symbolished with sun and shadow in Urdu poetry.

    It is very pleasing to read your blog @Rosemary

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