what to plant in the yard?

i have a small yard in front of my house it's about 3 x 3 m...my wife have planted many kind of flowers in it...but i like to plant something that we can eat or use for ingredients  such as ginger,papaya,turmeric...

cayanne pepper....i must keep watering this plants every morning or else it will get withered...and give some fertilizers so it can grow faster and in good condition..it's really enjoyable to water them, and see the growth...how about u guys..? u have any idea what should be planted in the yard?

please correct my words if u find anything that is not in order....:)

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  • My mum mostly plants chilly, tomato, turmeric, cat whiskers (kumis kucing) not sure to say in English and so on

  • Didi, anda lupa! Saya mau anda belajar saya bahasa juga. I want you to teach me some Indonesian too. Thanks!

  • DAra
    terimakasih atas komennya....yes, i can teach u how to plant them ..

  • colorful
    I agree with u..let's make our small garden colorful...hahah

  • Risty Aven
    Thank you very much for your supporting comment...

  • ظہر الدین س
    yes friend...i like gardening..and we can eat papaya for free....hahahah

  • Evangalina

    Thanks for correcting my writing...I really appreciate it so much...I actually only know a few words about gardening or plantation..thank u very much for your encouragement towards me...

  • RK

    Thank You much for the comment....

  • You and your wife doing a fantastic job thanks for caring abt nature eat lots of papaya..
  • In my home country i used to plant red pepper, swamp cabbage, calamansi or Philippine lemon,mango and papaya. Trivia,planting boosts our energy and promotes long life. You can find peace and calmness if you are into planting.keep it up Mr. Didi,you are helping the nature and you yourself. Go green! Thanks for sharing this. God bless
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