What’s your opinion of learning Chinese?

       Hello everyone, how many languages do you speak? I only can speak Chinese and English. I wanna learn one more, that's German. Because I'm in charge of Volkswagen projects. 
       Nowadays more and more people want to learn Chinese. What's your opinion of learning Chinese? Why do you wanna learn it? Please share your opinions if you are interested.

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  •      To be honest with you, I Don’t have any intention to learn Chinese language. Because It will not be useful for my both practical life and my provisional field. Anyway, beside Arabic language, which is my mother tong, I speak French and English. These two languages my mother did her best to make my siblings and me to be perfect in. Her perspective is; where you go you have to speak in one of them. And that was proven by experience.

         Finally, thanks for sharing us this nice thought. God bless you my friend.

    • Thank you for sharing. 

  • I am interested to learn Chinese. But it's being difficult for me. 

    • If you are interested, it will be easy for you. Just try. 

  • Sally for those who are used to a Alphabetic language, Chinese may be the most difficult to learn for Western Language L1 speakers since it is based on Hanji; also a tonal based language is difficult for those who are not used to distinguishing tones.  The last is a bigger obstacle for me than the first - I can memorize characters but have trouble distinguishing the tones.  So Cantonese would be even more difficult than Mandarin.  Better to start young as with any language.

    • Yes. Are you learning Chinese now? If you are confused about tones, I can help you.

  • Decades back when people started to think that China would be a big economy in the days to come, I thought that I should learn that language. I was sort of focused in this regard, but I lost my aim later on. 

    These days whenever I think about learning a new language, and if it is Chinise, I am a bit of scared. People say, there are hundres of thousands of character that I have to memorise. Memorising something is getting harder these days!!

    • Thank you for sharing. All the languages have to do the same thing. Not only Chinese, but also other languages.

  • Sally, ni hao, wo xihuan shu zhogwan> I love to do that and I hope you help me to do it. Remember, we are friends. Thanks.

    • Really? That's great.


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