●°• What's your color ●°•

This isn't that usual question . We have learnt to answer in our primary schools days , with a lot of childish pride .

It's more than that . It goes far to the early Islam civilization and was
associated with a horrible pandemic the spread among big Islamic cities at that time .
The face of a sick person had 3 colors red , yellow and blue . As long as his face is red or yellow , there is hope for him to survive but if his face has the blue color , that's mean he is going to die .
The 17 hejrah century black death ended in away or another . Only one thing was kept from that time until today .
The greeting " what's your color " that most of people use instead of saying " how are you " without know the connotations that stands for this sentence .
So , what we will have from Corona pandemic . What legacy will be pass to the comming generations after a 1000 year from now .

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  • Well, thousand years from now... if there is anything left of this earth, which I doubt... They will find ancient hardware drives with encrypted backups of the complete internet, made before 'the big upgrade', you know, when brain implants are taking control of our access to information. Well, anyways, they will decode old blogs with crazy conspiracy theories... and then they will have a laugh. - Because 10 years from now people will have discovered that by chewing ordinary herbs one becomes immune to the virus... Damn, why did they develop dangerous gene mutating vaccines that made all vaccine recipients infertile... ?? These people from the year 2020 were such uneducated silly humans... But on the other hand this mistake really solved the problems of overpopulation for the next 200 years. ;-)

    •   I have really enjoyed  reading your comment  💞

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