What really went wrong in our teaching?

Christmas is approaching, preparations are on large scale, irrespective of many blows people are ready to welcome the thoughts of Jesus Christ. 

Lets imagine what would happen if all GOD like personalities like Jesus, Krishna, Allah, Buddha & many more take birth again to check what has happened to their work across the world. They will obviously focus on what is going wrong as they are not worried about whats going in the right way. May be they will come across the following: (there can be exceptions to whatever is mentioned):

1. Their teaching is misused by the very people who are suppose to protect it. 

2. Religion is wrongly connected with spirituality while they are entirely `different` by its nature and practice. Religion which was supposed to `unite`has in fact `divided` people.  

3. Rulers have used religion to amass a great wealth and reputation.

4. The holy places have become the `trade` centers. While these places are the richest, there are poor, just near to these places, who are struggling to meet both ends.

5. Development of science and technology has created more `destruction` than `construction`. 

6. Human values are last priority.

7. Honesty has become an act of pretending,

8. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening day by day.

9. Black & white, male & female discrimination still persists.

10. Water scarcity is about to become a reason for third world war and very less is happening to protect it.

11. Educated people have lost their power to help struggling community. they are more selfish now.

12. Under the name of `knowledge` only `information` is shared by educational institutions.  

13. Media is over acting.

14. In places like India, Politics is of the lowest quality and it has become a matter of `mockery`

15. earth temperature is growing and has become a threat.

16. pollution is also threatening lives.

17. Communities are fighting within. 

18. Prayers are becoming a formality. 

In short `peace` is at stake and `prosperity` is superficial. They would all think `what really went wrong in our teaching`.

Merry Christmas ! 

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  • You are right himanshu. I will surely try having more writing on this. 

  • Hi Anele, its actually other way round, we have great opportunities or challenges to set the things right..thats what these great GODs perhaps wishing..

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