what life is

        Respected Sir, Madam and all nearest and dearest friends I think today just about life and one question raise in my mind WHAT LIFE IS. I know very well you heard about life different type of personality and read powerful literature regarding life. But friends just I feel what life is on my life experience, and I have decided my feelings share with you, I don't know I am write or wrong when you read my blog then you will decided I am write or wrong. Your life depend upon you thought and decision.

      Which type of thought create in your mind, positive or negative and how you will take decision in your life. If you think your are healthy you are really healthy, you think you are rich, you are handsome and good think and fact will come to you day by day. your action is very important after create thoughts, How do you take decision in your life. It is not important your decision is good or bad, but your decision is must for success and everything.             


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  • We act upon our thoughts. The way we think define our way in life. For sure positive thinking will lead us to make them happen in life. If we want to make something good happen in our life we must fake it until we make it.
    one more point did you mean right and wrong?
  • Every decisions we made, its always comes up with an effect. Weather its a good or bad effect, we should be the only one whos responsible in our own action.
  • "'Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, your values become your destiny."  Mahatma Gandhi 

    Our principles guide how we live our life and we always have a choice to do what is right, so if we have to make a choice it is good to choose the highest good, to choose life. :)

  • Thanks Evangelina for share important think with me and I would like to say I'll try my best to make everything succeed

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