What is your saying?

There are lots of famous sayings all around the world. The ones who've created them are just very same people like you and me.

Many of what we read or hear as sayings are just about facts that we ourselves also know and we agree with them. Yet there exist some sayings that we do not accept as true facts.

OK. Now as a precious individual, give yourself some time to think about a good saying. Yeah, you think and tell us yours. Say something ordinary but special.


Thinking before doing, saves you against undesired outcomes.

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  • My quote means:

    My friends have to accept me with all my faults and defects. I am not going to change!

  • "All that we are is the result of what we have thought" (Buddha)
  • OHMY Mary... I nearly splurted my drink reading your comment. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha... You should be reading with both eyes, you know, rather than allowing one eyes to sleep and the other eye to read. It's not healthy. LOL

  • noaslpls, I misread your sentence. Instead of: 'If regrets were pennies' I read: "If regrets were penises..."  I wonder how could follow that sentence XD

    Btw, I hope not to be banned in EC for saying 'penis' hahaha... It's not even slang :P


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  • I love these sayings

    "When opportunity knocks, open the door", and

    "If regrets were pennies, I will be a millionaire"

  • - Don't ask for any favor because nobody do any for free.

    - Nobody said life has to be fair.

    I know these aren't very 'positive' thoughts... but life doesn't make things very easy either.

    Nice topic. Thanks for sharing!

  • "Be grateful to the critics. He is the one who makes your personality more enviable by mending it with his criticism."

    Quoted by Arif Saeed.
  • Lovely saying Zahra,

    I would like to say 'Stop saying mine and yours, Let's say Ours'.

    I tried to write a saying about 'sharing'

    Thank you

  • Yeah, in fact millions of sayings already!  Like music, sayings do influence us in many ways. Like teachers, they can guide us perfectly.  

    As of now, I go for realistic saying like the one below:

    " Whatever you do, good or bad,

      people will always have

      something negative to say?"

    Sayings like that make us stay on the positive side of life.  Ironic, isn't it?

  • Dear Zahra, nice saying. Thanks for sharing.
    "Believe in yourself, if you don't who is going to believe you.' Setareh
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