What is your most facepalm moment?

10 minutes before office hours ended. I was reading a message from my friend. 

"Are you in?" she asked. 

"Yes, count me in!" I answered.

Of course, I needed some fresh air after work. But then another message came in.

"Can you stay for 1 hour? I need your help." It was from my boss. Grumbling at the situation, I replied back to my friend.

"But maybe a bit late. An old crocodile is holding me back." 

And the message got sent to......my boss. *facepalm*

Your turn:)) What is your most facepalm moment?

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  • when I was boss in a company, I asked one coworker to stay 1 hr more, cuz I needed her urgent help.
    and all I got was message from her where she called me an old crocodile  -_-

    • Boss, why are you hovering around English Club!

      My God, I was busted, red-handed! @_@

    • I am here searching my worker, to ask if i am really old crocodile?))


    • hhhhhh PS !




  • hahah gosh.. luckily you didnt tell "stupid ugly idiot"  :D     "Old crocodile" is not sooo bad word ))))

    well.. generally, phone messages can really make unconfortable situation for us.. i used to have few similar..   for instance, message went to my collegue instead to my husband.. Dont ask what was written in message :d


    • message was: "meow"

    • shhh.gif

    • Bossona, we are now full of curiosity :DD)))

    • 😆😆  any hint?

    • No thanks 😂😂😂

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