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  •  I LOVE the RAIN... anytime, anywhere.

    • You don't live in one of these places where is raining all the time, right? :P


  • Rain? Couldn't it be shine? :(

    • Aww... :(((
      I'll send you all the Sun you want!!! 



      *Although, I've my issues with it...*  >.<


      • Thanks.

         1000000 SPF sunscreen... comin' right up! ^_^

  • As you said, it depends on the mood and situation, MARY.


    • 👍🏻

  • Oi there, folks

        Really a tricky choice....after thinking one way and retracting to the start line a couple of times, I come to the concusion that I fall into the "Peripatetic-stoic" category! CARAMBA!!!

    • Thinkin' carefully your choice. Like a real philosopher! :D


      • LOL, Mary, my deep thinking seems to have caused a serious concussion........ :-)

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