My favorite punctuation is a question mark. It's love at first sight, the first time I learnt the punctuations, I fell in love with it. As for the reasons, I can blurt out at least 3.

First, it is the cutest punctuation! Dont you think it looks like a part of our body? Yes, it is like our ear! Looking at your eye, nose and your mouth in the mirror, they also form a ? shape.

Second, it is one of the most common used punctuations. It's like a hook, intriguing your curiosity and make you think.

Third, it makes up my brain. There are so many new questions waiting for me to figure them out.


My second favorite punctuation is an ellipsis. So what's your favorite punctuation?

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  • It is my second favourite punctuation, sis!

  • A "!" can indicate you like surprise! Giggling~ Thanks, dear nida!

  • I don't know why but my all time favorite is "!".

  • Hahaha, Anele, you must be a loveable teacher! [My nephew's hair style is cool~ lol]

  • Sis Mehr; it can mean equal, so you tend to be an egalitarian as well, hehehe ;-)

    Anele, a comma looks like a whistle, and my nephew's hair style is like a comma as well~


  • Bala, hmmm, it's useful, I use it often also~ [we can add what we think, now I am in a thinking model...hehehe]

    007, comma is cute also, and dot is my second fevorite.... =)

  • My Favorite punctuation's are Comma and Dot because these punctuation's are separate words and give meaning full information.

  • I like parentheses (brackets)..... (anything informally also can be written in that) and i use them often... 

  • Thanks, Sahar! "!" is a surprising punctuation also!

  • What a funny post!

    I liked this cute idea so, Mickey :)

    And question mark is really great selection!

    Certainly you have many questions in your mind. As Albert Einstein says:


    "Question Everything" Mickey!

    And my favourite one is an exclamation mark :)


    I like it a lot, because it is a kind of being surprised and maybe happiness :)

    Have fun!


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