Memories play an important role in our life, which was lessons, feelings, accidents, etc in many fields as a sport, study, daily life.

Memories make you happy or sad when you remember it.

If you ask me, I will never forget a football match in high school. The best memory I will keep it my whole life which taught me never give up, the biggest opponent is yourself, you must better and better every day. Below is my story:

In June 2014,

I was a defender in my high school's soccer team. That year, we had an important competition which included all of the football teams in my city.  My team took one year for preparation about tactics, physical strength, football skills. Every week, the friendly match with the other high schools is a chance for us to gain more and more experiences. At that time, The X-TEAM was the best which won 5-0, 6-0 in 2 times we against them at two friendly matches. We were aware of them! 

When the competition began, we were excellent at reaching the semi-final match. The opponent in that match was the X-TEAM and the match was held at the main stadium in the city that was my dream as playing at the big stadium. Before the day of the match, we prepared carefully, we were quite nervous. 

At 10:00 a.m, the game began under unbroken sunshine. I took the first step onto the field that the grass was so softy. The referee allows the game to begin. In the first 15 minutes, the X-TEAM side had that possession that is difficult in taking the ball from them. In the 18th minute after the opponent, the striker had the ball at the midfield and he ran to close to the penalty area and scored the first goal after shooting the ball on the corner of the net. We were depressed at that time. Then, the first half was over.

In the second half, our coach on the pitch always shouted:" Never give up, boys!", we believe in ourselves. the opponent began to underestimate us because all the two friendly matches they always won with big scores. I played as a defender on the left field and focused on against the attack of the X-TEAM strikers, I remembered exactly 10 times that I prevented their attempts to score in the second half. In the 70th minute, our striker scored the goal after heading the ball to the net. We seemed alive again, so the game was more exciting and the X-TEAM coach was so surprised about us, I could saw his worrying face. Unfortunately, in the 88th minute, after attempts of the X-TEAM, they had finally score to win the game in a similar way we had scored the second goal by heading the ball. Finally, the match is over that makes us so exhausted, we lose the game but we had won ourselves, weren't scared and we never gave up. The X-TEAM would respect us after this game.

That is my memory I never forget in my life, which taught many things so that I have experiences in my development.

How's about you?

What is your story?

Let me know in the comment!

Thanks for reading my blogs!

Have a nice day, my friends!


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  • I will never forget the memories of war .The war's memories are always unforgettable. They lasted with people who suffered from them to their last breathe. Moreover They formed  a new personality for people.    

    • Yes! War is a bad memory for people throughout the world.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • There's lots.. but for this year.. 

    this is my best memory.


    • Wow haha! but it's so scary, my friend!

      Did you dive then encounter it?

      Thanks for reading my blogs and commenting!

      Best wishes to you! 

  • Hi there,

    It was great to know that you and your team never gave up. It was such a memorable story. We learn a lot from those memories, huh?

    I had one to share, too.

    It happened not long ago, about 1 month and a half when the whole country was celebrating the new year's eve. My colleague and I decided to take a road trip to Ha Giang. That was not my first time being on a road trip, but being the driver on such kind of trip had been my first time, actually. It was challenging because roads in Ha Giang are not as smooth as those in Hanoi or Saigon or Hue - where I live. And the most incredible thing was that there were only two of us on that trip. What is more? I was the driver. :))

    At first, I thought "Well, it's gonna be fine. I can do it", but when it came to reality, I was shocked. We spent most of our time on the road in the mountainous province driving from places to places with little time to rest and have our meals. I was so tired that I couldn't manage to reach our last destination on time. It was getting dark and we were still on our way. It was getting cold and foggy, which made the trip harder for us. I was so scared that I went speechless. All I could do at that time was to keep going and not forget to pray for Budda who could probably help me, I hoped. And you know what? We found a hostel where we stayed for a night to rest and recharge ourselves after a really long and scary time. 

    However, we did not expect another problem coming up. The next morning, we left the hostel early hoping that we could be in Ha Giang town in time to catch our coach to Hanoi, but things were even difficult this time. Can you imagine driving your bike while it's totally dark and foggy in the morning? You couldn't see anything that is only 1m away!!! We were in such a troublesome situation that morning even though it was nearly 6:30 am. Surprisingly, I learned a new skill that helped me out of trouble. I turned off the headlight and turned on the sidelights. It worked! I could see farther and drive my bike faster. Finally, we got HG, caught the coach to Hanoi and then flew back to Hue safely. 

    Yeah, after that trip, I learned a lot of things. Can you name them?

    Best wishes,

    Nhu Ho


    • Hello, Kana!

      Thanks for reading my story and commenting!

      What a wonderful story! I think your story which is an initial step out of your safety zone, You can learn how to control your bike on Ha Giang road which had the most difficult topography in our country.

      Yow and your friend were brave!

      That was memorable! 

      Good luck to you 



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