Hello dear friends

   Last night once I incredibly realized that the ♪♪Blessing♪♪'s account has been deleted from EC. Actually she was an active member of EC and had many blogs. Now it is not clear that she has deleted her account herself or the EC moderator has deleted her and why !?

   Her last blog was about 'Perverts' and I saw her last comment on her blog yesterday in which she had replied the four last unanswered comments and thanked those four commenters (including me) after a few days not being online on EC. 

   This event (to be suddenly removed from EC) is very strange for me. Does anyone know the reason !?


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  • Hi Onee, I remember Keen Learner too. I wonder the same where she is. I don't know what happens with her.
  • Mishaikh,  I didn't mean Blessing and Keen Learner have the same cases.... I only mean, both are gone... And members here felt sorry. Actually I read once Blessing's latest blog, I agree.  But I don't have a time to read the comment that time. So,  I don't know for sure about it's problem. I just remember about old member who were gone,too. And I hope both of them are doing well now... 

  • Onee Blessing didn't do any thing which creates the havoc among member.  She was simply misunderstood.  She only viewed that if girls follow the proper dress code there would be lesser chance for the perverts to harrass them.  That was her motive in her last blog.  I don't think that Admin had removed her.  It must be her own decision.

  • Once, I ever gave a suggestion to a member. I suggested she would not have shared hatred on her writing, because it could make herself suffer. I knew that she's in a difficult and uneasy situation... But I hope and wish she can fill the days with the positive thoughts and things. Sometimes, I'm a bit too much to advise the one whom I care about. But,  she might not like my advice. Then,  I realized that she's not a member anymore. Or, maybe now she has another ID. I don't know.... I'm sorry, Keen Learner... I hope you're doing well now.... 

    I hope Blessing will be doing well, too. 

    Thanks for sharing this, Mohammad.

  • She might herself have removed her account, because from her last comment which Setareh referred, she seemed a bit disappointed, being misunderstood and miss interpret by readers. Any way this is a loss to EC that such a bright mind member has withdrawn herself from the club.  I will miss her. 

  • Dear Mohammad, i have no idea. It's a pity that some active and nice members like blessing is not here anymore. I hope if she did it herself, she would change her mind and come back soon. Oh by the way dear blessing you didn't answer to my comment.:D

  • Have you ever asked her? Her account was opened again after her friend had contacted with the administration or mod for the reason as I remember.
  • No I don't know 

  • Blessing's blog posts are interesting to me, it's a pity they were deleted.

  • Ann, but Honey Bee has been never deleted from EC if you mean this account:


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