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What fresh hell is this?

Say, I can't help but notice there's a little  orange... thingy at the right corner of my avatar. I have it, Elen has it. So does Fizzy (curious name, by the way). Care to enlighten me what it is? Hope it ain't some kinda stigma. :/

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  • Elen, 

     Awwww! You'll always have ''a little  orange... thingy at the right corner of yer avatar'' in my book. ^_^

  • The Mark of the Beast, huh? That I can deal with. Oh wow! ''A few comments and active members''.

    Way to tear us a new one. :(

  • Fizzy,

    A''hex''? Promise?

    witch gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu

  • Well, probably they saw that I am not an active member and they took it back. :D

    I don't have anymore. I will cry... :D

  • Is the mark of satan!! D: 


    ok, ok, I'm gonna be less 'dark' XD

    My guess is that is given to active members. And it takes just a couple of comments to get it. And that says a lot about how incredibly lame is the activity on this site :/

    Meanwhile in MyEC...


    even tumbleweeds are not active...


  •  (^_^)v   

    i have no clue either...  definitely not a stigma... maybe it is a Hex  lol 


  • Ooh, seems like they rewarded us for a reason. Huh!

  • From your mouth, Robbie.

  • bet,


  • A badge? Like agents and sh*t? Cool!

    Image result for badge gif

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