What fresh hell is this?

Say, I can't help but notice there's a little  orange... thingy at the right corner of my avatar. I have it, Elen has it. So does Fizzy (curious name, by the way). Care to enlighten me what it is? Hope it ain't some kinda stigma. :/ 

Update: Now it's teal and yellow? What's happening?!??

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor stop this madness gif frasier

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  • Now it's a ''crown''? This is ridiculous. 

  • OMG !!!...That guy couldn't go to the restroom this morning .so , wants to tear his exhaustpipe . I swear..!

    • ???

      Image result for dog confused gif

  • Dunno what it is but i'm fine with my crown. It explains my role on this site...



    Btw, Frasieeeeer!!! haha :D

    • Of course it does.

      What kind of Queen, though? The one who bathes in the blood of those who done her dirty sounds... fun.

      ''Btw, Frasieeeeer!!!''  indeed.

  • Muahahaaa!  
    You people really don't have anything less important to talk about, right? XD   
    Okay, okay... only because I really, really like YOU... I'll show you exclusively how the hell looks that is still to come. ;)   








    And now my lips are sealed again. Gosh, I feel like being back in 2009 :D 


    • You made more somehow, and ya're not telling?

      Image result for scared gif

      And FYI, I do have something way more important to "talk" about: ''How much gif is too much gif?''


    • Oh , Gosh ! Where do you get these badges from ?...Does the boss deal them under the hand ?..By the way , perfect..That's mean that we have to work much to reach them ...Have a nice day..


    • mhm... Yeah, you're right, there are more interesting stuff to talk about. 

      For instance, why are you such a weirdo ¬¬


      • You tell 'er, sister!

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