I’ve thought friendship must be last forever, hence I’m too late to learn it’s okay to cut people off.

For years, since I was high school student and sophomore and then a worker. I’ve tried to keep every relationship I had with all my heart. Then I ended up with numerous acquaintances and just 1 or 2 friends but not really. For years I’ve spent my little time after doing my duty to ensure my relationships are safe until I realize it’s out of my hands. I now could see this clearly: I am not supposed to be tied to someone or a group of people in certain society, no need feeling guilty if it is required to cut someone off when the truth relationship is over. Profoundly aware not everyone has to like me and I equally have rights in choosing people whom I want to be friend with. It meant I stop saying “yes” if I got invitation against my culture or rule or my principles, it meant I stop accepting divergent mindset that diverts me from my intrinsic life values. It meant I start to deliver my “NO” respectfully showing it doesn’t mean I look down friendship, but I am building up smaller circle of true friends which really matters and priceless. Let’s generate more true and honest relationship in your life. It’s not about number but quality. It’s not about a cup of coffee meet up but go deep in minded people's conversation, insightful. Where you learn new things, open up your eyes to new perspective and horizon, support each other and care, be transparent and authentic, they telling you the truth even it’s hard to hear. You can’t find these qualities in a ton of friends. The ultimate goal of relationship is not a number - unless you are a public figure:) - but quality of the relation.

Note: Question raised by my friend, I just share my answer here.


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  • Hi Peony!

    Ok, good to know that!

    Thank you!

  • @dara  oh, saya juga bahagia berkenalan dengan anda Mr. It's really good to have you here! 

  • @roman  Roman:)  There is no regret because what I've cut off is bad apple in my life. I won't as fragile as I've used to be, accepting all offers I got. I’ve only got this life and I am not planning to get another one, life is way too short. Hence, I never give up a true and honest relationship at the same time be aware how friend influence affecting life. I am emphasizing quality, not number. So filtration is required. And someday you have yourself to thank for :)

  • Saya bahagiya berkenalan dengan anda Peony. A friend in need is a friend indeed. You can make one friend who can last for the rest of your life. I guess it depends on the person whether he or she likes it or not. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Hi Peony!

    I agree with this your answer!

    But have you ever regretted because of losing (cutting off) someone? I mean that you were really appreciating him/her and you wanted to save that friendship, but you just have forgotten about him/her for a long time. And when you have recalled about his/her existence, 2-3 years have already been passed and it is too late even to call him/her to ask "How are you doing?"

    Thank you for sharing!

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