what about me?

....His father advised, "If you want to become a doctor do not to trade, in reverse if you want to trade, do not a doctor"......Become to inspiration story for me. Now so many problems in health. I look at on myself. What can I do for many people?
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  • @dara gino_I don't speak English.
  • Apa tentang saya? Apakah benar untuk judul kamu? Saya masih belajar Bahasa. Apakah mungkin untuk menjadi  teman dan guru saya? I want to be your friend, Sinta Asi.

  • You are not supposed to be only a doctor to help people out with their health issues. Everyone should take a look at their hands and decide what is the best that can be done for health improvement. God bless you and anybody who are concerned about others and their problems.

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