I have joined this site on Sunday with an intention to overcome shortcomings I face while appearing in academic exam and professional career. From the first day I am impressed by the kind and helpful members here having strange names. One of them is Mrs. Rosemary who has suggested some interesting ideas to improve writing skill and also  recommended me a useful site. More interesting thing which has amused me is the reception of a welcome message from English Club with an ice cream image which is one of my most favorite food. I wonder as to how comes this site knows the interests and necessities of members. Thank you MYEC for welcoming me wth my favorite food to this world of knowledge.

Let's have an ice cream with me.


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  • @Arif, thank for welcoming I agree

  • Persona, welcome to this beautiful small world having heterogeneous cultural with interesting ideas. You found a right place to practise your English with fun. Stay safe and blessed! 

  • @Onee-chan, you enjoyed reading my blog? I am glad to know that. Thank for your response 

    @Mishaikh, yes dreaming for further improvement keeps you active always . Thank for your feedback. 

  • @Rosemary, Thank you for your kind and sincere support. I hope you will keep commenting and sharing your valuable thoughts on my upcoming blogs that means to me a lot. you are an inspiring bloger. Than you for your comment on blog


  • @Dear  Josef Essberger MyEC algorithm can ascertain anyone's favorite food and flavour by name lol that's great. That makes it different from other learning sites. I love your sense of humour.  Thank for your kind response on my first blog. 

    Josef Essberger
    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
  • I am glad you find our MyEC so cordial.  See you around. Keep blogging.  It will imporve your writing skill.

  • LOL, brother... :D

    Interesting to know. Reception of a welcome. Mmm..nice idea! ^^

  • :) you are most welcome here . Let's see more of your blogs :)

  • Hahaha Persona! It’s the MyEC algorithm. It’s better than facebook’s algo ;) Just from your name it knows your favourite food and flavour too :)))

    Thanks for your kind feedback!

    I’ll join you in that ice cream, thanks!


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