Alright, in this chance i will tell you about my spiritual experience.

Last week while each of you were celebrating Good Friday, i got message from nowhere, it said "come to me at 8 am tomorrow in your backyard, we will enjoy together , we have something as good as your planet, but dont be afraid about the people around there, brave your self, kid" and suddenly the paper was burnt.  o.O

Next day, i came to that place , and oh my God, i saw CROP CIRCLE on my grandpa's corn field, my eyes wide opened, how could they make this so far just one night..? fortunately my grandpa didnt know this weird thing yet.

10 mins later, someone who wore Astronaut suit called my name.
I thought there's only one person, but..i saw 3 and maybe 5

2 of them could speak english and the others were speaking with their strange language, like some speaking frogs.

i didnt know how they learn about english, and they still didnt open their astronaut helmet.

2 hours in their aircraft without talking each other, the only voice came from the pilot and his assistant , yeah...like the speaking frogs

Here we go, they opened the door... and what did i see?


no...but this planet truly earth and wait, it should be wrong, when i looked around, oh My God..no man, but.................. FROGS or TOADS or whatever they are...green,slimy but they dont jump, i dont know why!!

alright..alright, calm down..calm down..take a breath...slow, but what?? im breathing? there's an oxygen here, and all astonauts are frogs too

All frogs start to stare at me like i am a worst creature of this planet.

but what?? they smile? i dont want their slimy skin touch my limb...Oh God...what should i do?

After 1 hour, i realized they are very kind, they know my planet, but they called my planet "Fiol-biru" it means green and blue, and they named their planet Ni-biru, means blue saphire. BIRU means BLUE, hey..if you search on google translate, you will figure it out what BIRU means randomly,

you will find BIRU in Indonesian Language means BLUE,

but i dont know how my country could find that word?

unless...Alien from Nibiru had visited my country 100 years ago

and why US or NASA has the same name of that planet??

Damn, even they're just a frog, they smarter than human, their technology beyond ours

before back to the Earth,
one nice picture from me and FROGS

here we go

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  • grandchild ??

    hahaha...o are so grand grand...

    by the way thanks for ur comment

  • Oh boy, you are soooooo young but not younger than my grandchild LOL 

  • Are you Ok? Go ahead and you may get another massage from another planet. All the best.

  • i'm absolutely alright, mrs lynne, weird things?? hehe..i hope they will neglect you :D

  • jin : dont ask which one, i'm the coolest one in that planet, you see!!! :p

    noas : it's real...even there's Me in that picture, means i'm not manipulating the story :p

    Steve : dont say LOL if you wanna go with me one more time :D

    Liem : hahah..thanks Lim... creative imagination like spongebob motto :D

    Lucy : it was not a dream, i have an evidence, that's why i bring u my photo :)

    Anele : trust me, i'm not deceiving you right now...!! :D
    when they come and go grab u, u will believe that i tell the truth now hahaha

  • You woke up and  what happened!
    Hahaha, good imagination!!               :)

  • Lol!

  • hahaha. Nari :) nice imagination you have. well, i want to visit that planet too. i love frogs.......
    i love to dissect them. hahaha.  thanks for sharing your story...and nice picture by the way :) which one is you? i wonder. hahaha. ^______^

  • LOL Kiddo. Judging from that picture, the Alien Frogs were the one who were more surprised and afraid of you.

  • are you alright? :)

    Thanks for sharing the story. But, there are a lot of people experiencing something weird these days.

    Good luck!

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