Welcome Autumn!!!

I welcome autumn in Iran with all the memories it brings for me….



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  • It's lovely Anah! But it also brings some sad memories for me, however I like those sad memories too...!!!

  • wow its lovely :D 

    happy autumn :D 

  • Yes Mishaikh! A very beautiful attire....

  • Yes, Saba! I do agree with you, and also some people don't like the autumn because it has a sense of sadness...especially its rain. Am I right?!

  • Nature is getting ready to change its attire!

  • Some students don't like autumn just because summer holiday is over :)

    Some people don't like autumn because days are getting shorter,

    but I like autumn and spring.

  • Thanks July for sharing your feeling with my autumn...

  • bn3ly! The first picture is not in Iran, but the second and the third are in Iran, Isfahan: one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. Here is a famous street in Isfahan called: Chaharbagh. Iranian know it.

    And I promise if you travel to Iran you will see this beauty in most cities.

  • Yesss, just seeing, i can be in love with your autumn
  • sorry,
    *don't like
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