Hello little EC birds!

Have you ever felt like a stranger?
I guess the answer is: "yeah, sure!", because we all have been newcomers on any occasion: The 1st day at primary/secondary school, college, work… Do you remember now the feeling of not knowing anybody around you, and how nice and important was any small gesture of kindness, any friendly greeting or any nice smile towards you?

Sometimes a nice gesture that for you means nothing can be very important and appreciated by others who you don't even know… But it isn't great to know that it takes so few effort and time to make someone's day more nice just saying a joyful "Hello there!"

Okay so this is my purpose for whatever nice EC members  who would like to follow me in this 'eccentric' mission that I've called: "The EC Month for Welcoming an EC Newcomer!" (I've unilaterally decided that this will be the month for that, because my Queendom, my rules!)

The only thing you've to do is TO WELCOME A NEW MEMBER OF EC!

BUT... WHY???!!!
Because is nice to be nice!!! What else?! You can make someone to smile just doing that nice gesture (remember you also smiled the first time you got some feedback here, and it was a nice feeling, right?). I've seen many new members feeling super lost around here, not knowing what to say/to do or how to break the ice. If you're an outgoing and talkative person, is going to be easy for you to fit in, in no time. But there are a lot of people who are more shy and they don't even dare to say anything because of the insecurity with their language's skills. And I think that's also the reason why most of the newcomers here don't become more active, or they even leave the site because they don't know how to break that ice... But at least you can help them to feel more comfortable just welcoming them! (so they will think: 'Oh! How nice are people here!' -So that will motivate them to give it a good try)


Step 1: Go to 'MyEC' and click on 'View all' (the little square dedicated to 'Members', right at the top left)

Step 2: Check the 'Recently Added' members and click on any profile you like.

Step 3: You'll see the latest activity of his/her profile, the post that EC sends atomatically when a new profile is created, and there you are suggested to welcome that person (because the spirit of this site is to help each other, even if it's just being nice!)

So.. what are you waiting for?? Click there and send a nice message… or just a wide smile. That person will see your message and I'm sure he/she will smile back :)

Isn't it easy and nice?! ^_^

Thanks for reading,
Have a lovely weekend!

Note to whoever wants to read this note: I do this just because I feel like, because I like to be randomly nice (sometimes), and because I think it's cool that EC remains being a free learning site, and right now there are very few good free sites for learning languages... So I want to suport this.
But the same as cats do: They can gently caress its cute head against you, but at the same time, they can also scratch you if they don't like something you do. This means that I'm not an EC ass kisser, just in case...

meow :3

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  • At least, we should try to greet and welcome newbies who make a status. :)

    I'm sure most of them don't know what this site likes.

  • It is very informative blog, not for the newbees but also for the oldies!

  • Oh sorry LUCI!! Maybe I'm kind of 'sensitive' lately... But I can relate what you say: It happens to me that people don't get my humor sense or I don't get theirs haha... what a mess!

    But of course, I know how you are and I didn't feel anything 'uncool' in your comment :)
    Thanks a lot for your words!

  • Caaattt... wtf I was kidding ofc and m sorry that my sarcastic way of talking ain't easily recognized :D I like your this gesture and that's why i gave like to your blog! Btw u r sweet even without suggar ;-)
  • MARY...:)) Did I make it complicated?? :D Maybe I have got too much headache. Note, I put my :D

    Have a nice day! :)

  • Hello dear Onee-chan! Why you make it so complicated??! hahaha... the thing is very simple: it's just to do a random nice gesture. I'm not saying here that you've to welcome and congratulate everybody. I'm just suggesting to do something nice for a stranger for no reason and without any interest. Simple as that :)

    And far from my intentions to be any kind of 'guide'!! That idea just freaks me out! I'm just suggesting something :(

    Anyway, I already welcomed some people the other day, and I do it from time to time when I feel like. But this is just something I do, and a suggestion I gave, just in case someone also feel like doing that :)

    Onee-chan's Page
    Onee-chan's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • You sounds like a guide, MARY. :)) The guide should do first before others. I will follow your guide for that. :)

    Well, you said we can welcome any new profiles we like. Mmm...I don't think I like them just to see their profile picture. :D *kidding.

    Well, if this site, admin says...welcome them, so it is our duty as the old members. hmm.. Then what do you think about this... 


    Don't you think it is also our duty? I think yes, it is our duty, too. It is to appreciate the admin who featured them, they need our acknowledgement (as de facto :D), at least we congratulate the new ones.

    Ahaha....but all this tasks are too heavy if we do it all. Many friends, many new friends, I will get stuck on MyEC, oh help me..lol.....

    Great thought, MARY! Thank you for your care. :)

  • Estanis, I also think that EC members are who motivate us to keep on the road many times.   And I don't call 'little birds' to the newbies... but to all the EC Members, so take care of yourself! :D

    Thank you Way to the Moon, aplauses back :)


    Afro! Oh my! But I prefer a 'normal' heart! I'm not sure if a golden one is able to pump blood :(   Thank you! :)

    LUCI! Why 40/60 members? Do you want to beat a record? haha.. even if it's just one it's okay... c'mon, it's not nice to be randomly nice? ^_^

    Now that you mentioned, nobody welcomed me either, and yeah, I 'survived' too! haha... but it's not about that, we're not 'saving' anybody, we are just doing a super small nice gesture for not reason and without any interest. And this is something very uncommon to see in this world, don't you think? :)

    Anyway, I don't like to think about if I was welcomed or not. I don't like when people are like 'Oh I don't do this because nobody did that for me'... If we all were like that, this world would be even more selfish and unkind... let's put some Czech sugar cubes on it! :D

    Estanis's Page
    Estanis's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • Good idea my dear collegue - cat ;p btw I wonder, if I am able to welcome 40 or 60 new members a day but ok I will try to choose at least one poor victim :D Nobody has welcomed me here and I survived..even though now I feel like crying, I survived in this jungle! Estanis is right.. since u call newbies lil birds.. I bet you are hungry :D
  • You have a golden heart!

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