It's an deep saying from our heritage " He who shows what he doesn't have , is wearing 2 gowns of deception .
   In that far away time people considered anyone who make a big show of himself as a person wearing deception something that covers the reality of his / herself .
Today some people are having their own PhD of deception through the social media and they are showing us a fake designed life . This life of them are making some of us unsatisfied and miserable toward our selves .
The gowns of deception are everywhere around us .
    Some just want you to feel bad , to tease you and give you that sorry feeling about yourself while you might be living a better situation than more of them .
" A gown of pretending is transparent
And when if you wore it , you will be naked "
My quote is from Altahami poem .
     Such a gown won't cover you . It stripes you out of credibility . Just don't wear it . You can be patient choose to be strong or ignore what hurts you until it becomes nothing . But never wear the gown of deception to mislead others .

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  • Even if people are bragging about on social media, we shouldn't pay them too much attention. We now know that many of them are just pretending to be important and influential. We should focus on our own strengths and ask ourselves what we need for a happy life. Most of the time it's not very much.
    The social media world is not real, but artificial. Everywhere machined faces and bodies, just souped-up pictures. Who cares? Why should we feel bad? There is no reason.
    "A gown of pretending is transparent" you wrote.
    We don't live in a virtual world but in reality. The real world will always defeat the virtual one because it is the only true.

    •   " machined  faces "  this is so deep Rose 


  • Back in the days, people highly weighed  them who had a degree of a secondary level of education at least. Nowadays people around us have tons of degrees. Being a PhD holder, once,  had a special status in our society, very few people could get at it. But things are not the same now. Some slickers somehow can manage such degrees, well, they are talented, maybe in a different way. They like to tag their degrees before their names, and mock about in front of others like a clown. Some people break up seeing such clowns, but to me, best way to deal with them is just to ignore them and move on. Don't waste your time. 

    •    Hi  Shaheen  

         You have opened another important topic about fake degrees and cretifiactes  , which  , in my opinion  have  a dangerous  effect on the whole society 

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