We Survived it

After a year and a half into the pandemic, finally I met you in person. What a great moment when I held your hands in mine and touched your face. I was filled with joy when I read in your eyes that you still remembered me, even behind the mask. Nurses had doubts, but love defeated Alzheimer's. Teardrops were rolling down my face and making the mask wet and so did yours; nurses too.  My shaking voice was telling us one thing my dear, “We survived the virus and nothing will separate us again, nothing.”


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  • It was a rough year for all people 

  •       Your words......Your tears......Your love......All of that tell; there is a wonderful bond between him or her and you. Many people will walk in and out of our life, but only true ones will leave footprints in our souls. God bless you.

    • Thanks for the encouragement dear.


  • Thanks for sharing a piece of heartwarming writing. I am happy for both of you. I hope there is no more separation after this uplifting moment. All the best!

    • Thanks for the good wishes dear.

  • Very touching, Frank. Dunno whether this is a true story or not, since so many people blog about imaginary things here... Alzheimer's alone is a curse but for so many elderly and ailing people COVID-19 is a deadly threat. If it's true I hope that you two will now have plenty of time together to make up for that lost time. Best whishes!

    • This is a true story dear. Thanks for the sympathy.


  • Mask couldn't be a barrier to hold  our near and dear closely. Mostly people used to wear a mask fearing police or any threatening perception. These days, nobody cares about mask except some bankers, high offcials, docs and nurses. 

    • I don't use a mask if I go to a delicatessen or mini market near my home

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