We did not know about environmental protection.

Dear EC members, Rys' article "Petroleum-free World" gave me the idea to post something.

The following story, I found on the internet and think it is worth publishing it here.
It is a post in German language and I translated it.

Just have a look:


The cashier at the cash register of a supermarket instructs an old woman, who takes a plastic bag for her shopping, that she should bring her shopping bag with her next shopping because plastic bags are bad for the environment.

"You're right," the old lady apologizes, "but unfortunately, I was in a hurry, and contrary to my habit, forgot my shopping bag at home."

The young woman replies: "Yes, but do you know? Our problem is that your generation has not given any thought to the poor condition in which the environment leaves us and future generations. Environmental protection is certainly a foreign word for you ".

"That's right," replies the old woman. "Our generation didn't know about environmental protection - it wasn't necessary, because we returned sparkling water and beer bottles to the shop where we bought them. From there they went to the manufacturer. The bottles had been washed, sterilized, and refilled. So each bottle could be used countless times.
We picked up the milk from the milk dealer in our own milk can...But you are right, we didn't know about environmental protection.

We used shopping nets for our vegetable purchases and our shopping bags for remaining purchases. If we had forgotten them, the dealer packed the shopping into brown paper bags, which we continued to use at home for many purposes, e.g. to pack the school books that the school has provided us with free of charge on condition that we treat them well. After the end of the school year, they collected the books to used them again in the next year if they were in good condition. But...you are right...we didn't know about environmental protection.

We climbed stairs because there were no elevators or escalators like today in every department store or office building. We walked a few steps to the nearest grocery store and didn't use a 300 HP SUV. You're right, we didn't know about environmental protection.

Back then we washed the baby diapers because there were no disposable diapers. We didn't dry the laundry in a power-hungry dryer, but with wind and solar energy on the hemp clothesline. The clothes of the children always went to younger siblings, because we couldn't always afford new clothes. But...you are right...we didn't know about environmental protection.

We had a single radio in the house and later a small television with a handkerchief screen. There were no electrical machines in the kitchen. Everything was cut, grated, peeled by hand. We used old newspapers, not styrofoam or plastic bubbles as cushioning material for parcels or parcels. The lawnmower was pushed by hand, made no noise, and no stench. That was our fitness training, which is why we didn't need gyms with electric treadmills and other energy-consuming nonsense. But...you are right...we didn't know about environmental protection.

We drank the water from the tap and didn't need a plastic cup or bottle. Our empty fountain pens were refilled with ink instead of buying new ones. Paper was written on both sides. Blunt razor blades were replaced and a new razor was not immediately bought. But...you are right...we didn't know about environmental protection.

At that time, our children went by bus, tram, bike, or walked to school. There was no 24-hour taxi service from the mother (by car). But we didn't know about environmental protection.

There was a power outlet in each room and no power strips for countless power guzzlers, and we didn't need a system controlled from a satellite 35,000 kilometers away to find the nearest takeaway. However, we did not know about environmental protection.

But think about it:
Is it sad when the young generation complains about how lavishly we old people lived just because we didn't know about environmental protection?
And you? Do you really think we old people need a lesson from a girl who can't even give me the change without asking the electronic till?
Have a good time…and don't forget about environmental protection!"


For your attention, I'm not accusing anyone of anything.
Everyone should look at their own actions and mistakes... Old and young... equally... everyone should not waste their time blaming each other.
Finding a way to make it better instead of blaming each other ... that is the task and the solution.


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Rose Iris

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    • You got it, Mr Happy!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading the story.

  • Fine story and a precious lesson to not judge people, thank you for sharing, loved this good read! 

    • Thanks, Helen S.



  •     Mmm sometimes young people think mistakingly that the get it all while they are in complete igronrance  . It's the nature  of young generation  most of the time  . Your story is very meaningful in 2 deep levels  . First the call for protecting the environment  . Second  , the  behavior of the girl toward the old lady  . Actually  , we need our elder people and their long experience in life to help us in planning our future  . " He don't a past won't have a future  . Finally  , my people  say  " if there is a well that you drink from its water once a year  , you shouldn't  throw a stone in it "  This is some of their values of environmental protection  , which , most of the new generation don't bother to think about  . 

    • Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, dear Rosemary. I go along with each of your words.



  • Oi Iris, ma'am

        I was about to lash out a verbose attack on THAT generation but on the second thought I found it better to save my saliva to droole over my pc keyboard... LOL!!

    • LOL

      Rys, you made my day!



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