"I would like to introduce to you a nice, but dangerous tourist site in my area: it's called Adiyanpara. It's a waterfall. Around that area you have to walk carefully as the rocks there are very slippery there. It is about 15 km away from the town. I can never forget this place in my whole life because once I fought for my life in this waterfall. At that time I had college-holidays. We planned to visit the waterfalls. There are many big and small waterfalls at that place. Nature created a kind of 'swimming pool': a beautiful, mini-lake. One year ago, I swam in that lake when we were on a visit. It was summer time and therefore the waterfall became very narrow and it was not dangerous. I could swim in the lake like in a swimming pool. Later one day, I and eight friends of mine visited the place again. When we reached the place and watched all these many waterfalls, our eyes and hearts were filled with happiness when witnessing this beauty of nature. We wanted to swim in the lake, but we were a bit worried whether it could be dangerous to do so because  that time was rainy season and lake  was dangerous situation. So, we decided to check it out first. I was the first to jump in and swim to test the risk of danger. But the big, high waterfalls triggered the formation of waves, which threw me to the shore. I could not swim, it was too hard. If I swam about 5 feet, the waves threw me back about 3 feet. But I tried with all my strength to approach the source-area of the waterfall. When I reached the centre of the lake, things went from bad to worse. I could suddenly feel the presence of a dangerous whirlpool, which was again created by the high waterfalls. I was right in the middle of this whirlpool. I knew that this was a very dangerous situation. None of my friends could do anything, apart from watching the whole scene from the shore. They realized the danger of the situation and shouted that I should return. But that was easily said than done. The gigantic force of the whirlpool just kept tight hold of me. I felt its power and feared that it would suck me down. I sensed that my death was coming closer and closer and closer. I had a flash of many faces in my mind. In my mind there were only two options: die or fight for your life. I then used all my power and turned towards the shore to swim. But I couldn't move an inch. It felt like many people were grabbing my legs to keep me down - underwater. I tried to fight against it. It was a 10-minute struggle against this horrible force. My friends were crying. As I was very far away from the shore, they could not do anything to rescue me, apart from praying to God. Suddenly their prayers seemed to be heard by God: with the help of a huge wave and my own energy I was able to escape this dangerous Bermuda Triangle and swam to the safety of the shore. I was extremely exhausted. My friends hugged me and this time they cried with happiness . Later, we noticed a warning board in the place, stating that 11 persons had died due to dangerous accidents in these waterfalls. I was so lucky that I hadn't ended up as person No. 12! Thanks God for that!"

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