Watch films in English with subtitles.

Watch films in English with subtitles.Watch film on a computer, on laptop, on digital player. Make sure you can pause the film any time. When you hear interesting phrase and you already know where you are going to use it, pause the film, write out a new phrase. In the end you’ll probably have 20-50 new phrases. Do not write out every phrase. Start with film that you’ve already seen in your native language many times
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  • Interesting suggestion and very useful! Great job!

  • and on which site u recommend to watch??

  • Very good advice! Thank you!!! :)

  • Very good advice! Thank you!!! :)

  • Where to watch films with subtitles??

  • Nice methods I use it time to time.thanks for sharing this.

  • I recall the phrase and try to use it.But sometimes it might be difficult.

  • Greeting Olga,

    Yeah, it's somthing could helps to improve listening and increase your vocabulary bank.

    Thank you,

  • it is really a good way to learn, but it needs so much time.

  • I think its good method to accelerate learning english and save many phrase which are the t important phrase 

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