Watch anyone's sensibility!

          Once a member encouraged me to write a blog, actually it's long time I don't post any but I felt lazy or simply didn't know what to write about. 'Just look around you' she told me, so I'll describe the social environment I feel sometimes with a sort of funny story. You can judge it after reading...

"...This morning I woke up, opened my bedroom window and saw everything was covered by a thick layer of snow, how beautiful...!! I was happily watching the view and couldn't help going out and make a snowman, so I made it but then a feminist walking on the sidewalk saw my snowman and asked me why I didn't make a snow-woman too, so I made the snow woman also but then the homosexual neighbors told me that's discriminatory, I should have made two snowmen with same gender not to offend this collective. Just minutes later the vegans of the neighborhood complained about the carrot-nose of the snowmen stating that carrots are food to eat not for playing or decorating figures. When I got into my house again someone reported me saying I'm a racist because the snowman is white and the snow-woman should wear covering her head. Some later the lawyer of the feminist knocked my door requiring to take the brush out of the snow-woman because it categorise women into a domestic role. It was not all since later on an ecologist organisation phoned accusing me of polluting the snow and police pointing me for raising problems in bad weather conditions.
Tired of the f...* horrible day I decided to chill on my sofa and watching T.V. when I realised I appeared on news program as a suspected sexist, troublemaker, racist, chauvinist, terrorist with homophobic sense..."

Obviously this is an exaggerated but graphic story of a raising susceptibility in the society supported by an insatiable media I see around me sometimes getting to the point of the absurd and ridiculous, not to hurt someone's sensibilities. Of course this can not be generalised in everywhere, every country or any society. Just hope no one misunderstand me or the story :)

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  • giphy.gifno snow here... shipping me some snow Estanis .. hehe

  • 2602602173?profile=originalFizzy, lets prove your theory...

  • Mishaikh, then glad that I got you to write again, this won't be worthless after all.

  • you should make an Olaf then.. no one would blame you..  ^^

  • Estanis:


    So why not make happy yourself and chill.

    Good thought.

    Thanks for making me happy for writing something after a long pause.

  • @neutron, c'mon! don't take it to heart, I'm not that serious :D   Please you can go ahead with your explanation.

    @onee, this is a popular saying around here that also fit in this blog:


    ...something like: "today it is a beautiful day, surely someone come and piss it off"
    Agree with your opinion about media. But don't worry for that, you're intelligent and a person of principle.
    Thanks for your correction teacher!

  • Hi Estanis!

    I'm not sure if I get what you mean. :)

    I'm just sure that sometimes one says that another is doing 'A' (any negative terms), while s/he never realize that s/he is doing 'A'. LOL This sounds funny to me. So, people should get education about what 'A' means.

    Sure, we cannot accept ALL opinions but to consider them. Media is really insatiable and even worse when we don't have a strong principle. Filtering... FILTERING... ^_^

    Here is my correction, I would suggest.

    ...couldn't help but go/going out and make a snowman

    Thank you for writing. Please write more..... :p

  • i wanted to explain , but since its not important  there is no need

  • Hello Neutron, not sure if I get you. Not important anyway.

  • you must be wondering whose supporting these p****ty stuff 

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