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Was it just a dream?

It was early morning when I woke up in the middle of a beautiful flower meadow. Dew lay on the blades of grass and the blossoms of thousands of flowers. Where was I? How and when did I come here? I didn't remember.

I got up and heard a sound coming from the distance. There, a man was standing, upright, proud, and quite handsome. He smiled and waved me as if he was waiting for me.
I looked at him and wanted to go there, asking where I was and who he was, but with every single step I did, the distance did not shorten.

His smile was enchanting and his eyes looked seducing. His mouth seemed to speak. I couldn't hear it but read from his lips.
"Come to me," he said again and again, "come in my arms."
I tried to walk faster, but there was no chance of coming forward.

Suddenly, I heard a beautiful melody.
"Dance to him," a voice whispered to me. "Dance!"

Like a miracle, my feet began dancing, and I got fast forward. I danced with closed eyes.
I dizzied from dancing and fell.
Immediately, the music stopped, and the mysterious voice whispered: "this was your only chance, your only chance. You have missed missed it!"

"Your only chance...only chance...missed it...missed it," it echoed inside me.

I opened my eyes. "Oh no," I screamed, "don't go, please, don't go!"
He disappeared, slowly, very slowly, with sadness on his face into the fog, still reaching his waving hand to me.
"I'll come back once more," he said.
"When?", I asked, "when?"
"I don't know," he answered, "one day. Just wait for me."
He waved once more, then, he disappeared, completely.

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Rose Iris

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  • Wow! I really wonder it was a real dream! Your dream made me feel excited. I also felt reading a part of your novel.    If it is true, I am really looking forward to read next story. 

    • Thanks, Laura n Dana1, for your comment.

      It was not a real dream, just created in my imagination.

  • It is all the encouragements I get from your appreciations for my writings.


  • Hi, SNR.

    Thanks a lot for your comment. To speak about the man in my story, he is just an imagination. (Disappointed now?)

    Have a nice week.


  • Hi, Mishaikh.

    I thank you very much for the links to your blog. You are right, your blogs are comment enough.

    It's an honor for me if you say my blog reminds you of the world in which you live in your stories.
    I see a similar style in our writings, although your vocabulary is much larger than mine. My stories are a lot simpler than yours.

    Your stories feel like watching a movie, full of romantic and mystic. Everything is as if the plots play behind a veil of fog in a world of dreams. A certain dose of melancholy resonates in your words. It makes sad but it's also thrilling, and the end of your stories is often surprising.

    Thanks again.



    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
  • Hey Rose!

    As always a fantastic piece of writing. :) I just wanna ask was that man in the dream was an opportunity? 

    Accentuattion was on the sentence " your only chance.... Missed it... Missed it." 

    Keep writing dear. :) 

    See u around.

  • You will find my comment in my blogs:

    Your blog reminds me the world I dwell in.

    A very beautiful piece of emotions.  

     It was a cool evening. I was once again standing before the Pyramids, where I first met her.  I didn't know whether it was a dream or live reality. …
  • Dear Rosemary, thanks a lot for your encouraging words. You got the sense of my short story quite exactly.

    About writing a novel...Sometimes, I think about that idea, too, but a novel is much more complicated than short stories.

    By the way, until now, I wrote my stories only in English and published them here in EC. It is for me a good way to improve my English skills. 

    Thanks again...and...have also a nice day.

  • Hi dear Rose :) you have that unique flow of ideas and scenes in a natural way , which , in my opinion a skill that you can use in writing successful novels .
    I have really enjoyed the dream with all its deep symbols. I think it is related to every woman need for a man in her life . No matter , how complete and joyful her life is , but as she approaches a man he keeps running away from her . Men don't care about lot about the passionate nature of women and their need for closeness . They only appear charming from a far distance like in your dream . The distance is there and it deprive us from the happiness of unity . Have a nice day my friend :)

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