Hi, my friends! It is spring again! It always makes us feel more romantic and playful. So, I think nobody minds my posting this blog.

I believe despite being a teacher, I can write some funny blogs from time to time. So, one of Mary’s blogs as well as my present family situation makes me write something funny to relieve the stress.

Most of young people always ask themselves if they want to have kids and if they are ready for that. I have never asked that question as I have always known I don't want them and am not ready to have any.

However, our pets know they have to give birth to prolong their dynasty so that their species wouldn’t die out.

So, being 3 years old, my lovely obedient dog decided to have puppies one day! First, I didn’t mind and found her a right partner! He is as titled as her and they can hardly wear all their medals. Their pedigrees look like books and they both are great dogs! He behaved like a true gentleman but when she felt pregnant, she became so demanding, discriminating and disobedient!

A month ago she delivered SEVEN great healthy puppies and they were so cute! But they are growing so quickly and now they are occupying all our LARGE apartment, pee and poop everywhere they like and their mother is not even able to tell us where!

Moreover, my wife is leaving for the USA for a few weeks, my best female pen-pal is on vacation and I have no idea what to do with a crowd of young kids who want to explore the world!

I wish I had never allowed my dog to conceive! I wish I had never loved pets! I wish I had never loved women who love pets!


But I am serious, what to do? Should I hire a puppy nurse, one more housekeeper or whom?

I have forgotten to tell you that my dog is a golden retriever and her month old puppies are as big (or bigger) as adult Maltese dogs or poodles.

I hope you will give me some useful advice, my friends!


How do you like such a solution of the prolem?

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  • Thanks a lot, dear Nan! I have nothing else to do but to take it all easy to stay sane! LOL!

  • Dear Danny Clark

    I would't want to be in your shoes! Really!!! LOL

    Even though I love puppies....It's too pee and poop for an apartment...

    Relax or you will go nuts!!! LOL

    Best wishes...

  • Roman, YESSSS! A pet is not a piece of expensive jewelry or a car or stylish clothes to demonstrate in public! They are ALIVE, they have feelings and emotions and they need our LOVE. I was just lucky to get Jenny. In fact, I had applied for ANY female golden retriever, either certified or not, but a man who had to get Jenny refused at the last moment and I was offered such a great dog I had never dreamed about! Fortunately, I could afford it. But if I hadn't been able to, I would have gladly had any other. Dogs are our best friends. In America we often say:"Need a friend, buy a dog!" and I am sure it is the only one living thing that will never betray us!

  • Hi Danny!

    Your last words are exactly what I think! I guess, everything that cats and dogs want from us is love and attention. Sometimes I even think, that they want to be tickled more than to eat.

    So, let me wish a good luck and loving families for your puppies!

  • Luci, my dear muse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy am I to realize that you have spent a few minutes of your precious time to say a few words to a desperate father and husband!

    Well, will you tell me why our wives usually choose a very "appropriate" time to leave for vacations? And why do our friends do the same? LOL!

    Unfortunately, I can't take a leave as I am head over heels with work! But I can hire a squade of janitors and an attractive nurse for myself if I start going nuts!


  • Dear Mary, the most famous cat lady of EC! I am so proud to get your comment on my silly blog!

    Dear Lady, who told you I am going to keep all those puppies at my home for good? Sure, not! They are only one month old but we have already got a long list of the potential buyers. I have to keep them at home until they are certified. I believe I will be able to stand that hell for two months more! I sincerely think that my dog (their mother), my three cats and a crazy Australian parrot are quite enough. Moreover, if my wife calls me a PEACOCK when I get myself ready for going out  or a MONKEY when I tease her or EC members and she is well-known as a FOX, we seem to have a great international uninhabited family where nobody cares about national or race or species differences! Hahahaa! But a dozen plus two is tooooooo  much even for us!

    Thanks for your great comment!

  • Dear Roman, I have never heard about kitten's diapers. I think they are unavailable! LOL! But our kittens usually found their way to their toilet almost immediately after they had learned walking. I believe their behavior depends on their cat mother. If she teaches them right, they become very tidy cats.

    Well, about certification. Such pure-bred dogs ( as well as cats, horses and some others) must be up to standards to prolong their dynasties. Sure, standards are different for different animals and breeds.  The main characteristics are sizes, body proportions and colors. As to me, all my puppies are perfect. They are not overweighed, they have proportinal bodies, they all are the same color but who knows? I am not an expert! Anyway, non-certified puppies may probably find even better families and owners! Honestly, I don't understand people who buy expensive pets just to show off before others!

  • Oh myyyyy! I love golden retrievers they are so cute, smart and puppies are super beautiful!!!! Anywayz, it looks like Danny will be in troubles soon hehee... You should take leave and should take care of them and give them as much love as you can! :D oh daaamnn.. This makes me laugh.. :p i m glad to read you ;) 

  • Hahaha. Dear Danny! 
    Recently Tanya and I have talked about signs of horoscope, about tempers of people and about you as well. You can read our comments on your blog Grammar Test VII


    Seems the page № 6. You will enjoy, Danny.
    By the way I am an Aries, the strongest sign of horoscope. I know how to rule Capricons. LOL. But some of advices from Tanya will be helpful for me. 

  • Dear Lana, I have reread our yesterday's comments and have to admit that my wife is a Capricorn, too! She is very stubborn and I do know what you speak about! As a matter of fact, my dear muse Luci is a Capricorn and the shift between her and Tanya's birthdays is only two days! So, I am destined to be ruled by Capricorns as I am a lax adventurous rebelious Sagittarius! Hahaha! But you may know female Capricorns are much stronger than male and if you need someone to "raise your man from bed", my wife can give you a good advice! ROLF!

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