Voice recording Challenge

Voice recording and sharing the  different ways of  voice  presentation is  fun for the learner and the fluent  speaker! You may be wondering how it  could  be done at My English club ,especially the new members.

Take a peep at  this  group link http://my.englishclub.com/group/audiospeakinggroup

This  opens to many interesting discussion links which  one could  voice  record  and share . 
this  enables  the learner  to be more  confident in practicing   their  speech 

There are many discussions , more  popular Tara's  news  reading http://my.englishclub.com/group/audiospeakinggroup/forum/topics/be-a-newscaster-2013 , the  latest through Interesting Facts podcast  

 If your a poetry  lover or wish to read prose  you could  share  with us on my discussions  and share them with us 




You could further add a discussion and share  it with us  here at English Club

Further  browse  over  the many other  voice  recording  discussions and enjoy learning English in a most enjoyable way 

It is a challenge do give it a try 

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  • Thanks Nadira, this is brilliant!

  • Great and informative post, Dearest Nadira! And links you shared are very useful.

    Thank you so much for taking your time to help us. I'll try my very best to join you in audio speaking group.

    Thank you so much again for your invaluable efforts, my precious friend.


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