Vivaldi's Song

Lady ,when you love me

I feel home ,sweet home

Inside of your Sublime

This Garden's ,sure to grow

You know our love 

Is just like Summertime


Parrots , eye the fruit

And we make love 

Between the harpsichords ,and lutes ?

Our greenlimbs ,interwine

You know our love 

Is just like Summertime





Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

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  •   Nice words  keep writing about your passions  because  poetry  needs a lot of effort unlike other forms of writing  👍👍👍

    • Mrs.Rosemary those words are not mine...Pls read the second part or the song ... Composer is Vivaldi..

    • :) sorry   anyway they  are wonderful 

    • Thank you

  • Adri, good taste, I listened four seasons now, do you like this. Okay, Gimme the link that you have shared in your bog.

  • Lamore fantastico Adriano Martelli! Love always has something to do with it. Thanks for sharing.

    • I thank you very much, By the way, Ramadan Mubarak ıf you're muslim ..

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