Visiting a sunflower field

Visiting a sunflower field

After staying at home for a couple of months, we finally decided to have some fun last weekend. Guess what? We visited a sunflower field which was only 30mins away for the first time. There were many people there. Most if not all people were wearing masks and were trying to keep distance from each other. We had good time. 

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  • I have seen in my neighbourhood sun flower of very big size woth stem of more than 6 feet. Once also had such type of sun flower in our small lawn.

  • Guess what? ... after reading your post I got the idea to do this too. We have some of those fields alongside the highways between villages. But when I stopped there in the evening no one was there besides me, and I could enjoy this beauty in total peace. :) Thanks so much for your posting. :))) 

  • May be it's great time for you,🙂🙂

  • When I was staying home in the time of lockdown I had made a resolution,  over coming the intense situaltion I must visit a place faraway to soothe my body and mind. Aftre so many days have gone, and yet to go anywhere. Happy to see that have paid a visit such a nice place.

    • Thanks for your comment. Covid is hard for everyone. Virus is small and not even considered as living creature but it's defeating humankind. Coronavirus is what we are currently experiencing. Flu in 1918, Ebola, SARS, MERS, Swine flu, H1N1 in recent years... were the ones we have dealt with in the past and could come back someday. Having a healthy  mind is something we can have some control over. Hope everyone stay safe and healthy.

  • I like to munch roastred and salted sunflower seeds. Btw....i wonder, if the sunflower field was 30min away for the firsrt time, did that distance increase or decrease with every next visit?  :-)

    • Ha ha.. I wish the field gets closer to my house after our visit every time. Soon, the sunflower will be in our backyard. We not only get to see the flowers but get to harvest seeds as well.

  • It must be great to see all the flower bloom.



    • Yes, it was eye-opening for us. 

  • You are lucky that you can enjoy those beautiful sunflowers near your house. 

    That must be exciting. Thank you for sharing, Miya

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