Video Challenge: Let's do it together. :)

Hello all members,

We are gathered from different places and countries. Some of us joined EC while others know nothing about neither their countries nor the language they speak by, though we communicate and build up lots of friendship. The common thing between us is English language.

We have the same aim and willing to learn one language, it is an "English language". We owe to this awesome site which grants us such features and great members to communicate with. :)

The founder of the site, the admin, and the moderators keep helping us and providing lots of things to encourage us to learn and improve our skills.Therefore, we should show them that their efforts have not paid for nothing.

Let's make a collective video. Each member talks about the achievements he/she got in EC in less than 3 mintues. Then, we will join the videos of all in one video.

Let's me it as a yearly project. Who are the volunteers? :D

Hope all members share in such project, and all suggestions are welcomed. :)


The mission that you are required to do is:

- Record yourself from your PC and then upload it. Either Video or Audio. 


- Use the website for recording your voice.

Here are some site for recording your voices that Mrs. Tara talked about them before. "How to use Audioboo" and "How to use Vocaroo"

Nevertheless, Those who don't mind of adding their own pictures, they will upload a video for themselves, Like Tara does. They just need to open their cam. and record themselves, I will try to see If Tara has clarified that before. :)

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  • Hope you can see mine soon. :-)

  • Hello Rajesh!

    Frankly, I just have Dreamer Man's video so I can't make a collective video by just one.

    The idea is not making individual videos, it is to collect others videos and bring one.

    I can make the video by collecting members' recording and join them to represent our thankful and advice and so on. Get me! 

    I'm willing to see your voice recording.. =)


  • Hi YMN,

    What happened ? No one participated in this challenge yet ? This is really something I have been waiting to see some. Didn't you make yours yet ? I hope you will share it first then we can give a try too. Actually, I don't have a good camera so, I can't make a video but I see you allowed members to share their voice only either, so, this is what members can do easily if they don't want to make a video. I hope members will notice this.

    I love such things so, I'm always here for this.

  • @Syaifuddin,

    I'm so sorry for being late. While I was checking my blogs, I recognized that I didn't reply to you. 

    Well, the video can't be completed if the members don't share their recording. If you interested and want to give it a try, you can record your voice or record a video. Then, I will add it to the final project. :)

    Thanks for passing by. :))

  • Thanks for stopping by. :)

    I hope to be as I wish. :)

  • Fantastic! Well done!

  • @Ohnie

    Happy to read your comment. I do agree, but as you see not many members are ready to do it.

    Yes, I hope you do it. As I know, you can do it perfectly. :D

    I'm not on old member, I may do it later. :)

  • @ Dreamer Man,

    What a great member! :)

    You are the 1st one who started our project. I'm so thankful. BTW, you did great. We don't dare to laugh at you. :)

    Keep it up please. :)

  • @Mrs. Tara,

    Nice Idea! I will add that tag. :)

    Yes, I saw Dreamer man's video. It was great, and I'm happy he shared it even here. :)

  • @ thuonghuynh

    LOL! :D

    You should encourage you daughter. :S

    If you didn't make it how your baby will do! :D

    Break the fear and do it daer. :D You can DO it. :))

    I see that many members consider Anele as a teacher, I consider her as a teacher and noverlist too. :D

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