Very strange IQ Test :O!!!!!!!!

There are  a series of meaningful forms (shapes ) ,and it sure one of pictures is empty and you have to guess it from another forms ...

Just think, I will answer you and will tell you the right answer by comment :D

I was not right so i wanna know about you :D

what is that ?  :P 

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  • Me no but intelligent one hahahahah ;)

    Thanks for your comment ...

  • My loveliest Sis Ha Nguyen  ,Thanks a lot for your great comment :)"

  • I can see that all my friends are like meeeeeeeeeeeeeee hhahahahah Little tree I al the same you ,I prefer to look at the answer before and then guess question :P

  • NooRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Look at the answer Elahe did that by googling  hahahahah :-*

  • hahhahaha WMW ,this is the best way ,you are the cleverest one I love you :-*

  • Pishy what does  clueless person mean?

    If It means bad I have to tell you ,You are the best do not say that :-*

  • Dear almira yes ,I was like this :O when My friend sent it to me and after a moment said ,listen do not think a lot I will send you the answer and I said God bless you ,I was getting crazy for that ..

    Thanks for reading it dear :)"

  • Why is that IQ test is always showing me that I'm totally a clueless person?? 

  • Its really strange.. I didnt get it the first time i look at it..Nice one Sima..

  • Nida look at this !


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