Value of Love

It was a glorious evening; the sun was setting slowly.  It seemed to be hesitated going in the process of setting, as if it didn’t like to end the day.  It was teetering on the horizon, throwing ribbons of pink and mauve across the sky like life ropes, and the air was sweet with jasmine. In such attractive environment, I and him were strolling by the side of country road.  He bought an ice cone for me.  I was talking with him while licking the ice cream time to time. Abruptly he asked me, “Naina…………,” he used to call me Naina, because he was in love with my kajaled (black) eyes more than me, “Naina, do you know how love is ‘valued’?”  I being straight forward, didn’t give heed to his question, “What do you mean, it is just in assessable!”.  He smiled at my silliness, downed his gaze, then he said in a very soft tone, as was seeing somewhere else, “the value of love is assessed how a beloved or a lover is devoted, honest and faithful in their love. As much as the devotion, dedication, honesty and faithfulness is there in love, the love will be as valuable.  These qualities are the soul of love. How much the soul is pure the love will also be pure, without them the love is dead soulless.  I was staring at him without blinking, I who never take all these emotions seriously, just understood, I was standing low, and how he was higher.  “Hey, your Ice cream is melting.” He was shaking my shoulder, I looked at my ice cream, it was melting, so was my heart.   

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  • @SNR

    Thanks for your comment.  It is good to see you on my side after a long pause.

  • Dont know what to say, i do agree with each word you said about love. In this era of technology devotion, dedication and honesty has lost and love has become just a word. A word which people utter without realizing its meaning that is its soul. 

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful piece of writing. :)

  • Thank you  Mishaikh

  • Very rightly said @usrariasat

    It is good to seeing you around.

  • Love is always valuable but you know people mash it with their stupid wishes..... 

  • Thanks onee for valuing the love I mentioned.
  • Mishaikh,

    Reading your blog in the morning, the first blog I read, made my heart melt. ))

  • Rose Iris 

    Thanks for being so considerate.  Having people like you around, Rose, gives a sense of soothing, a sense of satisfaction that some one is there who understands you.  

  • Be devoted, honest and faithful. The description of love can be that simple. Love does not need many words, but pure feelings and attention to the needs of our beloved. If we feel the love in that way, our heart is melting as you wrote it.

    I like the way you write your stories. Love is your favorite subject of your writings and you always find the right words. You open your soul and allow us to have a view inside. I just believe it because nobody can write what they don't feel.

    Thanks for sharing, Mishaikh.

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