Unlucky Girl

Once upon a time, an unlucky girl decided to change her miserable luck. She thought she wouldn`t be able  change it unless she could find her friends whom she left suddenly.

She dreamed and expected that easy way and she can do it. She forgot that she is un-lucky!

She came back to the place where her friends used to be. She was happy because she had a chance to be with them for a short time. She thought her luck would be colorful.

As it known, dreams didn't happen in the reality. So when she came hopefully to hug them and be with them. she didn't find except wind whistling.

The place changed and old friends are not around...


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  • @Sweety

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeety :( 

    I can't saaay more that I'm thankfull <3


  • @Aneeelee 

    YESSSSS! I can't never ever kill you kluy

  • oooh you aren't unlucky at all....all ur best friends are here and welcoming you 

    they really miss you ... they miss ur laugh ...kekekeke ur craziness ..everything on darling ....

    they want you to tell them why u have left them alone :'(

  • @Nadira 

    Thankkks ... I miss you so much ... I'm happy you are here ^_^

  • Welcome  back  sweet  one  :)  You were  greatly  missed  and  lets hope  your  friends  will get back too  

  • Kekeke ... It's my baaaad luck to love them :(

    kekekekekeke .... I remember ^_^ 

    I lost them T_T

    I was searching for sites to send some emoticons to Nida BUT my net is too low..

    By the way, EC is heavy. Nida's emoticons did not appear yesterday :S

    Aneeeeeeeeeele !!! what about killing you instead of Nida and Rabab?  aziz6o5cvnu5.gif

    I am so lucky... 


  • @Anele 

    Well.. you can kill Nida and Rabab and you would do a great favor for me kekeke

    kekeke It's not me... but Now this girl is me... how unlucky to have Rabab and Nida as friends of mine! :(

  • @Rabab

    I was soooooooooooooooooo lucky before.. NOW I'm not :P 

    I Love you funny frog card (834193)

  • @Nidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

    Dear Killer,

    Who said It's me!! Don't you see I wrote SHE Not me. :D 

    I was telling a story :P


  • @Esma, 

    You are right. :( 

    She left them first so she deserved her miserable life :)

    Thanks Esma. :)

This reply was deleted.