Uncomplicated times- missing my childhood


When I was a kid, my friends and I knew the real meaning of playing outdoors and having fun. Through our parents, we learned from the very beginning the necessity of sharing things with others and the value of relationships rather than material things.

I have four siblings and my childhood memories are filled with kids playing with us on the street of my simple neighborhood. I remember having many family members including cousins, aunts, and uncles over at my grandparents' home that lived on a farm. We didn’t have many toys, but we didn’t even care about it, once we had the companionship of our brothers and friends, with whom we had a lot of fun most of the days.

At that time we didn't have video games, then, we had to give wings to the imagination. We enjoyed the contact with nature, we knew how to build our toys, we could have different kinds of pets and we learned a lot of things by and with them, we fight with our friends and we learned by ourselves how to make it up! That's how I grew up...

We were freer at that time. It was so normal having our feet dusty from walking barefoot on the streets and in our large backyards! I remember clearly that it didn’t sound strange to ask our parents to spend the whole day in our neighbors’ place and it was so common to receive a “Yes, why not?” as well! We were real children and we knew the real innocence.

 At that time, we first learned the importance of relationships, we didn’t know the word “hospitality”, but we knew what it means in practice, once our house was always full of people. We were not so suspicious, so fearful, so selfish… We were happier, just because the world and life were pretty uncomplicated in those times.


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  • Como estas Nan! I agree with Laura. There is always a baby inside us even when we get old. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Dear Nan, Thanks you for had choosen this subject, I have good a memory of my childhood, I grew up in a little village so I was very lucky for staying all the time in the street with my brothers and friends, take care

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Laura. I really appreciate it!

      Best regards, 


  • Hello nan,

    I remember that I was playing like this


    and this


    It was long ago. I don't see children play these things nowadays.

    Yeah, I miss those things whatsoever.

    Mudah Dilakukan, Lompat Tali Bisa Bikin Badan Tambah Tinggi, Benarkah? - Tribun Jatim
    Lompat tali atau skipping adalah olahraga kardio yang mudah dan juga murah. Sebenarnya bisa bikin tambah tinggi gak sih?
    • Yeah, Onee-chan... I love these pictures. I used to play exactly like this! Amazing times!!! Thank you so much for your comment...



  • I am glad you have good childhood memories..   

    Now days kids growing up different from ours.   Their childhood memory probably more into technologies. 


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Fizzy. You're right... different kinds of memories and childhood!

      Best regards, 


  • Hello, my EC friends!! I hope you're all well and safe.

    I was wondering about my childhood and decided to put my thoughts on paper...forgive me for the grammatical mistakes.

    Anyway, I'd love to know your point of view... Have the times changed a lot? Do you miss the times when you were a kid? Let's exchange experiences!!!

    I look forward to reading your replay!

    Kind regards, 



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