Unavoidable dawn

Tiny spots fly high. 

Suddenly, they are airborne  

The distance is far away, so far away.         

Seasons pass by and leave.           

That lockdown is everlasting,

but for each night, dawn breathes.      

The journey is long, but it must be done.  

The distance is far, its footsteps are counted,

I shall walk it.

On the balconies, the song is sad, full of nostalgia,

and I shall sing it. 

The deadly swarm is up there.

but for each night,

Inevitable dawn is coming. 

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  • I think you wrote about the long road of life and its well-known end, death.

    You write about what should and can be done, and although there are things that are not pleasant, there is always the possibility of tomorrow until the end of time, until the end of our days.




    • Muchas gracias Fabiola! I really like your nice words. It is true, the poem carries some routes that lead to the end of the world but the hope is still there, my respected lovely lady. In life, there are many unpleasant things. We have to admit it. Thanks, Fabiola for your expressing comment.    

  • Shookran bizzaf, Ameur! Ana kanabgi haka. Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Very nice my friend.wish you the best dear friend.

    • Shookran bizzaf Ameur! I really appreciate your friendship. Thanks for your comment, and sorry for my late reply.

  • Indeed it has dawned  to an era of slowing down and giving breath ti Earths recovery  from manmade greed

    Awesome post  :)

    • Vanakam Nadira! Where have you been my respected lady? I like your phylosophical comment. I really appreciate it. 

  • Wow! 

    • Dankei vielmals Daniele Grelli! Thanks for that nice Expression on my poem.

  • Terima kasih Khoirunnissa! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

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