Turkish Ravioli



Turkish ravioli is a traditional food in Turkey. We call it "mantı". People usually eat Turkish ravioli with yoghurt, dry mint and it's special sauce. Sometimes they eat it with garlic yoghurt too. In Turkish ravioli there are wafers and in the wafers there are minces. There are many kinds of Turkish ravioli like Sinop ravioli, Kayseri ravioli and Çorum ravioli. (These are some of our citys) Ravioli isn't just in Turkey. There are Russian, Japan and Italian ravioli too but they all are special. I recommend you to try Turkish ravioli. Goodbye!

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  • Hi there! I wrote this blog but now I can not find how to write another one! 😀 Can someone tell it to me?

    • Just press the button Blogs on the headline.

      Then, press the  

      Then, you can start.

      I hope your question how to write another blog was not like pulling our legs. 

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    • I'm not goot at computers.  :)

  • Lol Ayse , Your first blog is super ,but where is the dried mint on this ravioli ? Thanks 

  •  Selam ben Ayse, Your first blog is brilliant!

  • Dear Ayse, you have done it very good! 

    Your first blog is informative and delicious :)

    If you want make it more better, you can, for instance, make a video of cooking turkish ravioli, and present recipe on that way.. in meanwhile you could practise english, while you talk about process of cooking.. 

    That would be much better.. :))

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