trust your love

I love my boyfriend, very deeply. He loves me , too. There is a question here? are we happy? yes, most of the time we were happy.but sometimes we quarrelled very fierely.I don not know why. Most of the time we quarrelled about something i think not important. but he thought that's a big deal. and so we quarrelled with each other.we broke up with severial times.... i know i love him, he loves me too. we can not live without each is any way that can help us advoid quarrelling? i do not want to hurt him. i think he is the Mr. right in my life. the only thing i want to do is that we can be happy together..........

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  • selma, thanks for your wishes. maybe i should be more opotimistic about my love.
  • Expector Smith , you are right, i should talk to my boyfriend, and try to find out the reasons, wish you have a good life
  • saks, so nice philosopher, I love your words. it's filled with philosophy. thanks for you advise, i will take it
  • you are so nice M.Adaway. may be you are right this is my destiny.
  • thanks nebia. I think i should trust my love and go ahead. wish you are happy
  • In relationships there are ups and downs and it is normal that you quarrel with each other so better to see how much you love each other, if you are more happy than angry it is ok. Be happy.
  • U see fengluan, if there is the day yes, there must be the night because they are the couple things, great philosopher had taught this. so that everything always happy is impossible, if it works it means there is not any law of nature is existing. i'm gonna say that right understand with cause and effect is the best for your problem and it's true that you should use this method then try to find out that how have it change? i wish you will with good understand and your love is forever.....
  • hey,don't worry because each couple have problems so I wish to you the best luck in your relationship.........
  • 'Quarrel' can be part of love. It's quite common to quarrel about some trifles, but it hurts to quarrel so often. You need to talk to your boyfriend to see if you two could stop quarrelling and have a happier life. Good luck!
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