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Don't die for cruel heart❤ ...

Ones upon a time there was a friend( he is a university student) he is a more educated person because he selected for a degree..

it is very hard to join. It is called bachelor degree of geology ... We can join degree if we passed the 10 from the whole country.. (I mean it from Sri Lanka) then you can guess about that degree. It is a very valuable degree in Sri Lanka. He lives in polgahawela city. If he wants to go home. He is going by train by reading a book. He has no girlfriend. Do you know? University life has the freedom to lovers for love. He was more friends because he has a kind heart and also innocent. He is very friendly so all friends become his friends. All the people loved him very much..

So after six months, one girl came to university. She also lives in Bonapat's city. Boy and girl living nearly the same location. It was easy to become friends. New girl has a nickname. Her name is "Sobani" so Sobani is not educated like Bonapat and also she is not smarter than Bonapat. After a few months, they became lovers..

Then their parents and friends also knew about their affair. They accepted their affair. Bonapat loved wholeheartedly. He has loved her like a fool. Because it is his 1st love.whatever he had more love from his parents (his parents loved him very much )bcoz he is the only child and he can't bare sadness and anything bcoz his parents didn't give sadness to him. They always take care of him more than anything. One year was over then that year the university has a ceremony to choosing the best couple in the whole university. Then Bonapat and sobani won it from a hundred couples bcoz were one and the only best and the sweet couple in Peradeniya university and his love was famous in the entire university. but this world hasn't true love. It became a truth. Their love stopped. His gf went away from him. She didn't understand his love also about his heart and he was bare all things from his heart without telling to anybody else. He begged her love from her...


Again and again, he begged.....

He cried whole all day but he didn't tell it to anyone and his friends always asking that "where is your GF? Didn't she come with you? " he smiled to all friends but he didn't tell...

He waited for her love.....

Days, weeks, months passed...... A Day came it was a miserable day......


He couldn't bare his sadness he got a decision he decided to leave from his valuable life. (it meant he decided to die.) and he thought that if he died then every problem will be over. Then that day had a lesson it was a science lesson. It had in the science lab. He stole a chemical Chrystals. ( I don't know what is it) and he put it into his jeans pocket and through that whole day..

Then that day had a lesson it was a science lesson. It had in the science lab. He stole a chemical Chrystals. ( I don't know what is it) and he put it into his jeans pocket and through that whole day. He remembered their sweet memories and he took that chemical Chrystals and he went to a forest and he climbed on the rock without telling to anybody else (also his friends)...

and he took a call to" sobani"(his G. F) it was the last call in his life... And he told to her that he can't live without you...

You are my whole life he cried while talking...

He had been crying and crying...

He begged her love "please accept me but "sobani"didn't change her decision also his love..

Finally, she disconnected his call and also he ate that chemical Chrystals. Then he committed suicide very dangerously..

The body became blue in color and after that, his friends and parents searched him everywhere. But they couldn't find him. Finally, they went to a police station and they found his diary it had dialogue like this" I'm going to forest " they found that. They went to the forest with policemen. Finally, they found him after six days. He was already dead. He gave hint but his friends are not educated like him so they couldn't understand and find his hints. After dead also he was careful about for her life. He didn't write anything about sobani" he didn't like to see her go to jail because of him.
So she was released from his autopsy and his closest friend didn't go to his funeral bcoz he thought if he can die for a girl. I will not go to see him. He had to think about their parents. He decided it from himself. But he is a fool for this matter. He educated but he was a fool for this matter he has shared it with us. But he didn't do it so I decided that I will not go there.

Now his girlfriend got married. Now she has two babies. Innocent life and love were lost bcoz of a girl and we lost a good moral of Sri Lanka and he taught us a lesson that doesn't take like those decisions. Don't be fool bcoz of love she should be thinking about his parents but he couldn't do it.

Love is blind.
It changes a good man into fool sometimes..

If nature And sky could talk, they would say how much I loved you" sobani" !
I will never beg it again .. could you please tell me last time how much you loved me my life( sobani)..

How much did he love her?

  • "How to bare this sadness ....
  • how to forget our past memories ....
  • How to forget your eyes and your smile, also Your talkative mouth...
  • You always tell me that you will not go away but where are your promises or words?
  • How to bare my sadness alone..
  • I cant tell it to others bcoz then they will bothering you... always im remembering them.....
  • I can't live without you sobani....
  • I forced you .......
  • bcz i loved you from the bottom of my heart....

Though i'am living but i'm dying inside and no tears left to cry...."

Even for his last few seconds he thought about his Love...

Because he loved her more than his breathe and soul..

This story is a song meaning it is one of my favorite songs ever I is my native language (sinhala)song.. if it has mistakes ,i am sorry..

This is the railway station that we are meeting and leaving .. 
This train station is for lovers it is "Sarasavi uyana"..
there are all trees are full of flowers in the whole year...
It is waiting for every day if we come back to their station...

Sarasavi uyana" station is full of fresh scented sweet flowers..
University students are asking about you while they are meeting .. also sarasavi uyana station flowers, vines and trees are waiting for see us as before ..
you left me that the moon went away from me and went out without telling us..
You hid to somewhere talking with my whole heart..

I looked at your eyes while you were taking
Please come back again to this university like (as)before ...
I will be waiting for you full of my tears..
So don't let me down to my tears then it will be hurting too much...

Some people have evil heart because they cant understand others sadness..

everyone want to Be
Unselfish then every people will love you..

If you have a true lover .. then don't go away from him/her and don't forget without any reason because ..We have to resolve or fix issues . Do not play with another's heart, as your soul may not forgive you...there is no life without problems but those who are fixing and sharing and caring always shiny like a twinkling star in the sky even it is rainy... then love makes you beautiful..

                                After the storm, Sun will shine again..

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  • Hi


    That was a great heart breaking story.

    She is the eye opener to him and that might be the reaon that he couldn't even stay a single second without her and he could have tried alternate ways to live for his parents to take care of.



    She believed him at the beginning and what happened next, though he is genuine he got severe stroke from her misscellenous behaviour from her. She could have told him why she is ignoring him greatly, although no fault with him. 

    We can't expect the pain until and unless experice that sorted full of emotions. Partner is a part but rest is life. Question is what if part is equals to life. 



    Thanks for posting with relevant pics, good patience.

    Keep writing. 

  • Hey, after long time I didnt visit this site, and now I'm back and reading your blog. I like the story of your blog, it seems real... and what I think about that story is... no matter if you are clever/educated person, one of the human's weakness is love. Because of love, many people can do the worst thing to themselves or the person they love. Nice story, keep it up and keep improving the grammar!

  • I have read it from another corner.... sounds a real story !! Thanks for sharing it with us

  • Hola lin yeah you r right..2732590743?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Yeah bet... if he didnt make such decisions he had a beautiful life... like his g.f

  • Hola bajiiiiiiiiiiiii i got it .. thanks for sharing your nice comment

  • Dying for love is not smart.he should search for help

  • A real story....oh....sad, yes we always  should give a second thought!

  • Dear sun, 

    Shouldn't have I said that? :D I tried to cheer you up by saying keep writing. Would like to see more blogs from u in future. I believe we all are learners here in EC. No one is perfect dear, not even me. While reading your blog I encountered some mistakes hence I wrote focus on your grammar. :) I hope now you got me. Don't worry and don't overthink :)

  • D;keep writing and and focus on your grammar... y u said like this bajiii..... and it's a real story in srilanka.. thanks for sharing your comment..

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