Tremendous Benefits from Free EC

I highly recommend English Club (EC) for anyone who wants to become proficient at English. This website will beneficially accelerate your progress in English. However, there are some shortcuts to maximize your English learning potential. These are steps to get the most out of the website.

  1. Sign up for free. By signing up, you will be able to use all of EC's great features. One of my favorites is its instant chat-room where you can chat with other learners and teachers around the world. There are also a number of people come from English speaking countries. The people on the chat-room are extremely good and will kindly help you out with your English as well as other problems. Just feel free to ask.
  2. I have been using the chat-room for a month and I really benefit from it. Usually, I use it for about an hour a day. Not only is it good for developing reading and writing skills, it is only good for our speaking skill. It is because when we chat our brain is forced to think and respond quickly to what others say. As when we talk to someone, we cannot let the person we are conversing with wait for ages for a word to come out from your mouth. Besides, you will be able to catch English idioms which are frequently used in real English conversation. It is a useful starting point before really getting into conversation with a native speaker. Therefore, you won't freeze up. :)
  3. We can make friend on the chat-room. The advantage of making friend with people on the chat-room is that we can talk to someone who has the same goals or interests as us. Thus, we can be motivated to learn English. Start with having a nodding acquaintance with the people. When you have known each other, you can freely share your Skype id and have a voice/video chat. That is your chance to apply your speaking and active listening skills that you only use in the speaking and listening tests; great, isn't it?
  4. Beside the chat-room, you can also find abundant resources both for learning and teaching English. You can find free English lessons which are written concisely, thus they are easy to absorb. You will never feel out of sorts because there are a number of interactive activities and games. Moreover, you are given a chance to be creative and productive because you are fully authorized to customize your own page and upload pictures, audio and videos and blog posts. Nowadays, learning English does not have to be boring. 

English Club is totally free yet very handy for attaining English proficiency you always aspire to. This website not only helps students reach their goals, but also aspiring teachers find fun ways to teach English.


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  • what a wonderful blog! this shows that ur level of E isnt just at the level you describe..I admire ur writing style :)

  • Just one question...why are you sharing it here...spread it all over the net! Great one :))

  • Your opinions about the chat room benefits are just exactly the same like what I thought. So, I completely agree with that.

  • True! You can say that again!

  • I couldn't agree more, Syaeful Anwar!!

    Thank you for this awesome blog.

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