Travel alone

Travel alone

When do you travel alone? When you have time and money to go, but your friends don't have. Or simply because you like.

I realise that when we start to work, earn money, our time fund is not the same. So it's difficult to plan a journey together. Initially. I did that because there was no choice but after all, it is all about myself.

Solo travel has many advantages. You do what you like when you want and where you go, you're on your own schedule. When you travel alone, you will focus on discovering the culture, architecture, art, nature... etc more than entertainment. You easily make friends with other travellers and locals. You find it more challenging, more surprises.

My nearest trip was Singapore-Malaysia trip in December this year. I experienced a very memorable trip because it is the first time I travel abroad alone. I plan all thing like choosing the destination, booking homestay and air ticket by myself. In my trip, I received special treatment of many kind people. After all, I'm not only known how to set up an effective plan but also broaden my knowledge about a new culture, have new friends.

How about you? Tell me about your memorable trip or tips to have an enjoyable trip.


Finally, thanks for reading. If I have any grammar mistake or have a better way to express, let leave your correction.


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  • I only did traveling alone as a tourist. After visiting many interesting places with my 'Gank", I wanted to know the feeling as  a solo traveler. Without telling my plan to all my friends, I booked a ticket, a hotel and chose the destination I like and ... flew. These are the advantage and disadvantage of traveling alone.

    The advantages:

    I found many friends in the airport,  in the bus. At that time I thought that I had to make many friends because I needed more information. So, I used to open the communication first with people around me. I really worried to get lost.

    It gained my self-confidence. I learnt how to make a fast decision especially when I was in a terminal, The situation here was very crowded and might be there were so many evils.

    I can do whatever I want or whatever I like. Free... No need to have debating with friends when making a decision about a place to visit.

    More independent. I had to book a hotel, flight alone. I also learnt how to make itenarary, How to manage my budget and made back up plan in case there was something wrong happened.

    The disadvantages:

    I felt a little bit uncomfortable when I had to eat alone especially in the strange restaurant. When I travel with friends, we can chat while having our meal. This makes more happiness for us.  Then, the next time I chose a restaurant in a mall . It seemed safer but I couldn't taste the local cuisine. It is not common here to sell local/traditional food in a mall.

    When time to sleep coming, omg.. I didn't like staying in a hotel alone. I had no friend to chat with. I didn't enjoy watching TV in a hotel. So the only thing I could do was chatting with friends.

    That was my experience. It was not my best one but I can't forget it. To be honest I don't wanna try it again. For me traveling with friend is better than traveling alone.

    Tran, Have a nice traveling. Prepare all before leaving your country. Just to give you an information Singapore is safer than Malaysia,but cost in Singapore is more expensive than in Malaysia.





  • Hi, Thuy Tran, 
    within my country (Germany) I like to travel alone, and do that often. I've been to England and France alone as well. That was an amazing time, and I've met many interesting people there. :)) I also visited Turkey alone, but I can't recommend that for women. You get nasty followers, and you can't get rid of them. Then it isn't enjoyable anymore, and you have to stay in all these crowded places all day. I love to travel with friends, but they have rarely time when I have time. So we didn't do it during the last years. I enjoyed visiting Cuba, Turkey, Spain, Tenerife with them. :)) 

    • Yes, Travel with friends is also great, there are many places I want to visit but it is not safe to travel alone. Thanks for your sharing.

  • I have found your view point agreeable. So far me is concern, I even liked to go to the movies alone.

    Good thought and good luck. Enjoy your trip.

    • Haha, We have some similarities. Sometimes, I go to movies alone too. 

  • fabuluos photo... tell me where you took it? 

    nicely written, Thuy... thumbs up :) 

    • It is floating mosque in Penang. One of famous place I visit in Malaysia. 

  • So far I haven't traveled alone to any far destination for tourism but I wouldn't mind.

    • Thanks for your comment. It depend on hobbies of each person. For me, sometimes we should have challenges to make life more colourful. . 

  • I want to travel alone but I don't have a chance .

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