Travel alone

Travel alone

When do you travel alone? When you have time and money to go, but your friends don't have. Or simply because you like.

I realise that when we start to work, earn money, our time fund is not the same. So it's difficult to plan a journey together. Initially. I did that because there was no choice but after all, it is all about myself.

Solo travel has many advantages. You do what you like when you want and where you go, you're on your own schedule. When you travel alone, you will focus on discovering the culture, architecture, art, nature... etc more than entertainment. You easily make friends with other travellers and locals. You find it more challenging, more surprises.

My nearest trip was Singapore-Malaysia trip in December this year. I experienced a very memorable trip because it is the first time I travel abroad alone. I plan all thing like choosing the destination, booking homestay and air ticket by myself. In my trip, I received special treatment of many kind people. After all, I'm not only known how to set up an effective plan but also broaden my knowledge about a new culture, have new friends.

How about you? Tell me about your memorable trip or tips to have an enjoyable trip.


Finally, thanks for reading. If I have any grammar mistake or have a better way to express, let leave your correction.


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    • Let try once in a lifetime but sure that you have a detailed plan. 

  • Xin chao Thuy Tran, No doubt, making a journey of some length has its benefits. In our country, we have a saying, (the companion is before the road). Why do we travel? either for education, treatment, or merely for entertainment. We can find that companion along the way, and we might not. It depends on your journey and how you approach that companion.

    I am not against traveling alone, but going to a foreign country needs a lot of knowledge. The knowledge about hotels, restaurants, the most touristic places that attract tourists. During that journey, you could meet that person, but try to make that journey with someone you know or someone is so close to you. Nice topic, Thuy. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thanks for your advice. 

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