Everyday we are learning so many things. But are we transforming ?

We have finished our primery school, high school, college, university etc. We have finished our higher education from arts, scinece or business education. But are we transforming ?

We know better how to earn money, we know better how to give presentation in front of public, We are so concious about our career . But are we transforming ?

We are so concious about our religious believe. We all are practicing our religious command. But are we tranforming ?

Are you happy with your todays whole day ? Is your today is better then last day ? Are you happy ?

If answer is yes .............then yes you are tranforming :)

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  • I agree. Thanks a lot for sharing your openion .

  • Oi there, folks

       I totally agree with Rose Iris. To my humble thinking, we, as humans, progressively evolve and develop - be it intellectually, spiritually or in any other sphere of our personality.

  • What is “better”?

  • sense

  • Ähnliches Foto

  • In one sence you are right. We should not change ourselves. We have to develop ourselves. But my today has to be better then my last day. My tomorrow has to be better then my today. Finally hapiness is the altimate goal .


  • Why should we need a transformation ourselves?

    Transforming means a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of something. As for us, it's like to become someone else. Development and progress are maybe better expressions than transforming, isn't it?

    As for me, I do not want to become a stranger to myself.
    I want to progress myself until the last day of my life, but I don't want to transform.
    Then, at the end of my life, I can proudly say, I was happy with every day of my life, and there is nothing to regret.

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