Today is the day every song has died.

The melodies you played so long ago in your old guitar, the songs you sang to me in the distance.
You gave new life to old songs and created some new ones, because there wasn't any lyrics that could describe our long meetings at night, playing with the moon and the stars.
You didn't even have to sing out loud: I could hear your heart humming from afar. In the distance, I hummed with you, and I sang a couple of songs for you, trembling voice, closed eyes. I knew the lyrics by heart.

How bold you seemed, singing out of tune, but you sang for me, you were giving more than your voice to me in those notes, full of trust. I listened to every word you performed, and I knew to guess the words you didn't say, those that were hidden between the lines.
I listened to your songs so many times that even without listening I still remember. The song that was full of tears, the one full of promises, the love songs that you sang so many times, they all said I love you, I miss you. I memorized all the warm smiles they hide, the sighs and the longing.
I still played them in my heart until this morning, but now all the songs have died. One by one they were silenced with the memories they brought. I tried to hummed them once again, but the tones where just not there. I couldn't find the notes, nor the smiles that laid within.

Should I sing them a mourning song, as a valedictory pledge? The silence reigns in here, and every song has died.8060232300?profile=RESIZE_584x

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  •  Wow! 😐

  • I am impressed by your skilfull expressing emotions.. you are very talented in writting.. keep it up 👍

  • Good work ! Was it written by yourself ?.. 

  • Loved it. Touching. Thanks for sharing, Ishtar.

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