[√ ] Revisit childhood places or get lost trying to find it.

[√ ] Watch a perfect sunset.

[√ ] Wish upon a falling star, or a comet whichever it is.

[ ] Write the story of my life, maybe a small book with lots of big pictures in it to help fill up the  space.

[√ ] Fall madly in love…every day with my husband!

[√ ] Split a nutella, peanut butter and banana milkshake, I get the bigger portion of course.

[ ] Grow my own vegetable garden and let the kids eat the vegetables.

[ ] Fix the broken things in my house by myself…be a handyman for once!

[v ] Bake the most delicious brownies my kids have ever tasted...with a bit of help from my expert baker source…Google!

[ ] Travel the world…Paris here I come! Or at least just take a road trip.

[ ] Be bold…especially when dealing with rats in the backyard!

[√ ] Attend a live rock concert and experience the euphoria of my wild youth days again! (My kids cringe)

[√ ] Fireworks in the middle of summer with a glass of tequila in my hands…oh my…tipsy… hiccup… where’s the way back to our cottage again?

[√] Hotel room service...breakfast in bed!  Yay! No chores!

[√ ] Go camping! S’mores anyone?

[ ] Witness a Miracle!

[ ] What’s your to do list? How many have you checked off?


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  • @Walker : Power up at the gym first and I bet this one will be a piece of cake! :)

    @ Grace: Wow Grace your list is either done or in progress, that's a good start, so you can add more to it! :)

  • Attend a wedding party ( done )

    Vacation in Macao ( on going )

    Missing my best friends ( on going )

  • Wonderful goals Caro!  Good luck on your journey to attain your list! Thanks for passing by and for the like. :)

  • Mishaikh I agree with you, we can't get enough of perfect sunsets!  It's one of those things we never grow tired of and falling in love too! :)

  • Setareh How exciting to learn how to skate!  I know how to do it but I'm really bad at it!  Snow is also a wonderful thing to see I should put that on my list too!  Thanks for sharing your list!:)

  • Yes Elen you can share your own list but it's nice to see we have a lot of things in common with our goals checked or unchecked! :)

  • create my special company 

    - write story of mt life 

    - travel around the word  and live in CANDA. 

  • Watch a perfect sunset. (I have already watched, but wish to do again and again.

    Write story of my life.  (Already done, but only in parts, not complete).

    Fall madly in love…every day with my life partner.  (Already madly in love, but want to do again and again.

    Fix the broken things in my house by myself.  (Already doing some minor works).

    Be bold especially dealing with hardships of life.

  • I just realized that i must do my list and not to see what i have done from your list Alice... lol.

  • To have a friendship relationship like withy kids.
    to learn how to skate.
    to see the world and it's wonderful people with diffrent cultures.
    to live in a snowy country in order to see a lot of snow in winter.
    To have a lake house or at least to live there for a while.
    stop worring and start enjoying life.:D
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